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Vandaag zijn we helaas volgeboekt maar voor volgende week hebben we nog tal van beschikbaarheden. Ontdek waar Siam Spa & Relax voor staat en ervaar

Sparkling Blue Goldstone and sterling silver charm. 💙


THE SUN NEVER SAYS Even after all this timeThe sun never says to the earth"You owe me,"Look what happens With a love like thatIt lights up the

EVERYTHING YOU NEED. EVERYTHING YOU NEED. EVERYTHING YOU NEED.💕 when you create something for your self, no one can take it away💕 as summer


W A L K I N G M E D I T A T I O NWe can be stillness in actionThe act of meditation is not exclusively reserved for a yoga cushion & lotus pose

⁣Съдбата често ни дава знак, когато нещо значително предстои да се случи в живота ни. Например ако вместо „Здрасти, как си?“ приятелката ти те посрещне с „Кога ще си ходиш?“, очевидно скоро ще трябва да си търсиш нова. В моя случай знакът е кола с регистрационен номер 3210, която изпреварва автобуса, с който отивам към марината и която засичам още веднъж непосредствено след като слизам от него. ...⠀⠀Повече - на профилната връзка.⠀⠀The fate often gives us a sign when something significant is about to happen in our lives. For example, if your better half greets you with "When the hell are you going to go away?" instead of "Hi, darling!" it's obvious soon you'll need to look for a new better half. In my case it was a car with 3210 on the number plate which took over the bus I am riding to Las Palmas and which I see a second time after disembarking it. ...⠀⠀Read more on link in bio.⠀•⠀ #дхарма #дхармалайф #dharma #dharmawheel #dharmatravel #zen #zenpilgrim #story #travel #travelstory #mytravelstory

The following lyrics are based on a legend of I.naghid. It is born after MARTH deeply accessed to the beautiful and sincere heart of I.naghid. This is

✌🐱🤙..La vraie valeur d'un Homme se détermine en examinant dans quelle mesure et dans quel sens il est parvenu à se libérer du moi.Albert

On m’a dit un jour que de s’arrêter un moment pour réfléchir en contemplant l’horizon ... pouvait aider à remettre les idées en place ... A


Even this mountain goat found his way to this place and is enjoying the view.🧭 What keeps you from doing it!🌍 Let me know in the comment! ⚡ Do

NO. 457Ici-no-tachi 1st tachi (sword) from 5 Kumi-Tachi 一の太刀 (五の組み太刀より) 「The essence of Aikiken (wooden sword technique)

Once in a while it’s okay to focus on yourself and stop worrying about what others are doing. It’s GOOD TO BE SELFISH!......... #soul


UNAKITE💢Aiuta a mantenere un sano equilibrio tra la parte spirituale e quella materiale, facilitando la loro comunicabilità.💢Permette di

True change happens within, not without. You don’t have to be anything but yourself. You are enough just as you are! #presentmomentreminder

"Japamala Força de vencer Demandas"Feito à mão com pedras: Coral e lápis lazuli. Berloque em aço com a imagem de São Jorge.Protecção

Oh ! contemplation quand tu m’enveloppe de ta douceur..Cette frêle brise qui s’accorde dans cette vapeur ..Oú, le monde s’efface pas à pas

Active recovery: Consisting of mobility exercises; isn’t something I’m typically accustomed to.. However I’m now starting to learn and


Pour des matins sensoriels...La balle à picots 😍🦔 Ces balles sensorielles, rugueuses, à relief plus ou moins marqués, offrent des



Nunca use as palavras “não posso ter” ou “não posso fazer”. A sua mente subconsciente toma as suas palavras ao pé da letra e cuidará para

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📢📢 Eeeei.. você que não é de Uberlândia mas que queiram adquirir uma Mandala lindona como essa🤔🤔.. Envio pra todo 🇧🇷 beb

😴 ARBO SANTÉ 😴..Je vous en ai parlé plusieurs fois en story. Comme je vous l’ai dit en ce moment j’avais beaucoup de mal à dormir et