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So I know Ruel will never see this so I’m going to open my heart when I first saw you I was like ok I like he’s music I had a dream with you in it


To have a Beautiful Slim Body, WORKOUT have to be consistent and displine. So does your Face, treat em like a #workoutDo you know people who

"Veintisiete se escucha como una buena edad para conocer a la persona con la que pasarás el resto de tu vida" . A los veintisiete todavía eres joven


나의 어린 시절 어릴때가 훨씬 긔엽고 훨씬 이쁘다 지금 이 이쁜 얼굴 어디 가찌? -----------우리 엄마는 나를 항상 공주처럼 이쁜 옷만 입히고 이쁘게 머리도 묶어주고 사랑해주었다 ♥️-------곱게 키우주셨으니 나도 내 인생 , 이제부터라고 곱게 살아야지 더 이상 이용당하지 않고 사랑받으며 살아야지 .. ----------사랑하는 김진숙님 ♥️---- #어린시절 #이뿌니 #공쥬 #사랑받은 #딸래미

Kids Fit 4.15pm today, bring the whole crew and join in 🤗

Bringing this back cause it was funny hahahahaha

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Absolutely love this photo he looks so happy and cute!! (Credit: Tagged)

This one cracks me up every single day! Asked her if she had Carbs today and her answer cracked me up! #kendallrhiley #younger child syndrome

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Uzi to X man I had tons of Nicknames I don't know which one to...wait Nvm i love my nickname I'll stick with it❤️💋♠️😈🤦‍♂️


I’ve changed a lot in my life but one thing that has always remained constant is my love for animals. They’re just so good #pets #cats #bunny #chi

ஆத்தூர் காந்திநகர் பூங்காவில் பல வருடங்களாக பராமரிப்பின்றி இருந்த நீரூற்றுரை ஆத்தூர் இளைஞர் குழு நண்பர்களால் புதிப்பிக்கும் பணியில் .....💛💛💛💜💚💙💛❤️🖤 #social #youth #boys #socialmedia #socialworker #socialwork #park #water #myattur #attur #salem #younger #youthsocial #sociallife

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Faux Jenner’s here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Monica and Lolly. Who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell. You know


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This is what 3/5 of a teaspoon (3 syringes) of juvederm voluma can do ... when it’s in the right hands 🙌 great job @jeanine_injectorqueen

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¡Si quieres evitar el tráfico de la Ciudad una #motocicleta Deportiva es lo que necesitas! Descubre lo fácil que es trasladarse de un lado a otro

In 10 seconds? According to studies, fasting can improve your metabolic rate and protect your body by generating antioxidants and slow down ageing.


Turning #33 soon, I #welcome #age it brings a #better me it brings another year of #life when life isnt promised! I've become better with age so the

I am ready, are you? 💃🏼Waiting 2 weeks wasn’t good for my health, I need Younger 😂Via: @youngerseriesFollow us for daily pics!

A liquid rhinoplasty all done with filler and in less than 10 minutes! Contrary to what some may think, using filler, with proper technique, can make


Ok.... so this is one of my favourite general beauty hacks! Let’s talk silk pillow cases......-Skin hydration, silk helps your skin retain moisture

TBT 5 years ago 😬

Reçu mon colis suite a ma sélection en tant qu'ambassadrice de la marque Lancôme de chez #Sampleo. Colis comportant le produit #AdvancedGenifique