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Throughout my 24 years of life there have been extreme highs but also some devastating lows. I want to dedicate this birthday to the people who have

I am just a fool whose chasing after nothing. great. You are such a fool to keep pretending that your loving me, i don't know where I'm suppose to go

Wow!!!! Hasn’t this half a year flown by!!! Little did we know 6 months ago how much our “little” business would BLOW UP, the fan base we have

#GratitudePostAfter a lot of self doubt and indecisiveness, I decided to start @crumblisstoday. It was purely out of the love for desserts which

When you ask someone to make something round...and they have a perfectly circular mold to use....and you find this.... #chefslife #killme

Sorry not sorry

Another event for the books! @ssmotorsports_officialpage It was great seeing and meeting all of you at #sf14. Thank you for stopping by to say hi! All

Leave your thoughts.Have you ever felt pressured to be something you're not? Have you ever struggled to be yourself in our modern world?I know

Yesterday is historyTomorrow is mysteryBut today Is a GIFTThat's why we called it PRESENTPast maybe hurt u but it is on u to run from it OR learn

----> I am a strong believer of good karma ... Now ... For one to steal your joy & your personal property ..?? May Karma be gentle w/ you .. Good Day

#youknowwhoyouare ♥️ #Repost with @make_repost・・・Kaulah sahabat aku dunia dan akhirat. Terima kasih ada setiap kali aku

Today may not have been the result that we hoped for however the bots made us all proud and the opposition were incredible and worthy winners. However

Isn’t it funny how people love to tell you how to live your life. People think because of their own past experiences with life and the small amounts

. We're so full of.---------------------------------------------------. Sugar.. Honey.. Ice and.. Tea.

Turn the page....... 🖤Gib nicht auf...... Mach das Leben lebenswert und dich liebenswertStell deinen Wert hoch, du kriegst einmal was du

True. ❤️ Can't wait to see and celebrate the beginning of spring with one of my besties soon.. 👯☀️🥂🤗 @jessibergdahl ❤️

You came and lit my flame, you came and lit my flameOverdosed me with emotions while I waited but you cameThen like a thief in the night you stole

I promise I will always be there for you through all the ups and downs,no matter what happen 🖤 #youknowwhoyouare

You have honestly changed my life you make me so happy you give me the motivation to do things I dont wanna do You are an amazing and beautiful

Not by Erin Hansen:You are not your age,Nor the size of clothes you wear,You are not a weight,Or the colour of your hair.You are not your name,

I have suffered all my life just to find the light @illummaclinic ... without pain I would have never found the truest joy and peace that I have now,

i don’t know what happend tonight but i have heard so much weird ass shit go down and it’s been a full moon for like the past 3 days so that’s

Beauté naturelle.Il y a quelques semaines je vous ai présenté plein de petites marques françaises naturelles et éthiques à suivre. J'ai (ré)d