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Me and Lucy took advantage of the sun today and had some fun in the backyard. It's been frustrating practicing yoga recently because I'm dealing with

Sometimes we need to take the time to stop and recenter.Set your intentions and go to your happy place! This is my happy place. Where’s yours

On yet another gloomy day in the Midwest, I smile thinking about the endless sun in Southern California. This pose I always dedicate to my teacher

Finding balance can be tricky! (Especially wheel pose on a paddleboard😂) The key to balancing the mind, body and spirit is through creating a

Someone may be rich and powerful, but without friends they trust they’ll never be happy. Someone else may be poor, but surrounded by friends they

Our first event forSoul Service Sundayscompletely exceeded our expectations ✨We packed the house with almost 100 attendees and raised an

I tried something new!👏👏.So recently I’ve been interested in trying some yoga after seeing a lot of it on instagram. Something about how

How do we stay in the moment when we know our time is finite? I realized I've got 9 more months in Australia and a part of me is super stoked but

Okay so The Lost Gardens of Heligan is insanely BEAUTIFUL.... This planet is so magical 🌷🌱🌴🌵 Side note: My ashtanga practice has been weak

Hey lovely yogis! The weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and our Spring Equinox Sale is coming to an end! 🌸 Our Be Rooted Membership

Sometimes you gotta get down to get up. The pendulum of life swings both ways, it’s about taking it in stride when things are tough that make you

I am rooted but I flow 🧘‍♂️ 🕉 🙏

🌈🌈 All the colors I am inside have not been invented yet 🌈🌈Shel Silverstein 📸-> @ethanjamesrivera

Vanity isn't something I will cherish. I won't look back on my life in 60 years time and say "wow, I'm glad I was really harsh on myself about my

The most sacred place dwells within our heart, where dreams are born and secrets sleep, a mystical refuge of darkness and light, fear and conquest,

Sometimes it’s not always about the workout, but about working on yourself 💁‍♀️

Find your place + feel your peace with daily yoga offered at Aspira Spa. $12/person or 10 sessions for $100. ..Mondays: 9amTuesdays: 5:30pm

At @yoganect, we feature inspiring yogis with special stories and their yoga journey. Meet @lexcreid, an adventure seeking free spirit practicing yoga

✨I feel a battle within me. A urge to find something. My heart aches like I’m missing something. Trying to forget the past and be in the now, but

Monday night in the gym: 45 min spinning followed by a 90 min Yoga class. I’m feeling exhausted and since it’s already 10pm, I have no choice but

Exactly what you need on a Monday morning... a nice big STRETCHHHHH 🙌⠀⠀Who's joining us for a class this Wellbeing Week

Tomorrow is the Final Day of #YogisLoveSpring 🌸 March 20-26 🌸 Next Up is any Water 🌊 Pose (fish, dolphin, mermaid). 🌸..Hosts: 

「インドあるある…待てど暮らせど先生が来ないスタジオにぽつん。モーニングクラスが自主練に」March 24

Finding yourself is not really how it works….__You aren’t a ten dollar bill in last winter’s coat pocket. You are not lost. Your true self is

We try...🙏💪🏻⚔️💗

Ce soir c'est yoga pour se détendre un peu et travailler la souplesse sans trop forcer.Une petite photo de la posture de la sirène.____ #yoga

Ever seen a blonde crow on a brown horse? 🐎Our local riding club is pretty great and the horses are so lovely 🥰

Breathe. Smile. Soften your heart. Happy Tuesday! 🙏🏽

WHAT A GAME CHANGER 😱Adding these bad boys into my smoothies and açai bowls has just upgraded the taste and nutrition value like crazy!

That's exactly what I did!

Lately I have been spending a lot of time on my mat. Learning to bend so that I don’t break 🎋Working on my balance to calm my mind

South Elings Park has become one of my favorite sunset spots. Sweeping ocean views (not pictured) and beautiful plantlife...... #sblife