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HD ECO MAT PLUS6.1度使用すると癖になってしまうほど気持ちのいいクッション性に富んだ6mm

Crafting a class, designing content - creating our time together.... It’s all here and it’s all full of love! #emyoga #yogalove #hullyoga


How about a shift in perspective? If you ever need help then just get a giant dog to lend a hand. Or paw. Or nose! 😂 #yoga #yogaeverydamnday

Day 2・・・ #forwardfold #SpintheChakras Each chakra corresponds with major nerve centers and organs in your body. When these energy centers are


I spent the last 5 weeks at Eden Eco Village. I wasn't only teaching, but also helping out in many different activities. Eden is an ecosustainable

The other day I received this on my DMs from one of you telling me this reminded her of me... I love it! 😍I want to thank you all for taking the

Looking forward to trying out some new acro moves today @loveandlightshala.🍃Happy Sunday everyone.🍃....... #yoga #yogi

• • • • • •.🌻Day 2 #AllAboutBends  #YogaChallenge ....Take your feet and be happy 😊Buona domenica 🌷❤️.. Programmi

MeraKi è una parola greca che tradotta letteralmente significa “essenza di noi stessi”.In realtà la traduzione vera e propria rappresenta un


The modified stretch for day 23 of #yogawallpaper was much more do-able for me and my tight hip flexors 😬. They have come a long way though. I

Warrior one / Virabhadrasana1 Mantra Yoga Bangkok 💕😊 Facebook page: mantrayogabangkok Phone 📱: 080-556-9519ID LINE : stamphotyoga

“ Que ton alimentation soit ta première médecine ” 🍓🍏🥒🥕🍋 La liste des fruits et légumes pour le mois de Juin 😀 A consommer

Good morning! Today it is day 2 of our #AllAboutBends challenge and today’s theme is a upperback opener. I choose to do a pose which I didn’t do


Cuida de tu cuerpo. Es el único lugar donde tienes que vivir.••Modelo: @paulavicoLugar: Pont del petroliFoto 2/3•• #motivation

Free to feel, free to be, free to do! Be brave.......

Waking up at 5am again! But it's not cause I am a good yogini getting ready for Meditation 😴 oh no!It's because Kai decided for the last few days

Sometime all you need to listen is a beautiful song to soothe your mind and find peace. This is one of that piece..

LOL! Typical. Behind every great picture is a series of 10 fail moments 😆 Have a great Sunday IG fam 💜 hope this makes you smile 🦋...

Day 1 #warriorpose ・・・🖤 #SpintheChakrasChallenge Announcement~The seven Chakras are important energy centers in the body, situated along

Happy Sunday Fam! ❤️This is such a good reminder. 🙏🏼 #yogawithmarti.Drawing by @callyjanestudio


#minimalistliving - this one is going to be hard, but what the heck!My #Vipassana practise over the years has helped me to relook at my value system

Whatever your passion is, keep doing it. Don't waste time chasing after success or comparing yourself to others. Every flower blooms at a different

Our 100 hour Zen Yoga training provides you with an incredible opportunity to step onto the path of self discovery, embrace your physical asana

Group yoga @Varsova Beach...Hello EveryoneVinayak Yogpeeth is starting Morning Yoga Classes, every Sunday 7am for All absolutely free from

Create a habit to create a lifestyle. Try something out and when you feel comfortable doing it, don't give it up. Do so on things you know will help

Bonne Fête à toutes les mères et futures mères !!!Happy Mother's Day and Mothers-to-be !!!« Épouses, compagnes, amantes, fiancées, amoureuses


I am the sun warm in your heartI am the moon light in the darkI am the sky wide open spaceI am the wind caressing your faceI am the earth under

Last Day #LegsOrArmsAsanasArm pose: grasshoper pose..💪🦵🏽Hosts: @crazyasiayoga @karfarn @popsterivy @sophie_seoul_yoga..💪🦵🏽

I edit the video within 1min and repost it. I end up my yoga practice today with this flow. This is first time I video a flow with many asanas. This

Chi ha preso le distanze.Se le tenga 🌓Buondí 😜🏋🏽‍♀️

”Maybe you are searching amongst the branches for what only appears in the roots”. Rumi Here our gorgeous @yinyogajulia who is teaching our


I rockYou rockWe all rock!Vandaag tijdens ons YIN ON THE ROCKS retreat! Waar we Yin Yoga combineerden met Wim Hof Methode & ijsbad. En we

I cannot look at you ☀️💙


The chair is an excellent prop to use as support during recovery. It helps you get the benefits of a stretch without exerting too much.

Morning Yoga sunrise practice at 2000m🧘🌄 looking forward to showing yogamelli some new locations 👌🙏🏞️ Rebe's sniffing for truffles