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Jnana mudra para aumentar a memória, aliviar a tensão, equilibrar o elemento ar no seu ser e favorecer concentração, internalização, meditação


¿Para que usarían este ejercicio?• • • • •ADD STRENGTH√• @fisioterapia.deportiva @fisioterapia.deportiva• #Fisioterapia


✨ VÄLKOMMEN ATT YOGA MED MIG I VECKAN PÅ @kajplatsbalans ❣️ Skapa energi och sol inom dig genom härliga flöden ✨ Jag hopas att vi ses!

www.Jesus-Yoga.comWe at Jesus Yoga believe that everybody should have the chance to use the greatest treasures of mankind.For this reason we make

MY HAPPINESS is ever present teaching yoga and sharing my experience on how we can embody our form with more alignment, precision and awareness .

Deadlift/ peso muerto 💀no solo trabajamos músculos de pierna o gluteos, se trabajan músculos de absolutamente todo el cuerpo, recomiendo


ハワイ生活🌈🌴🌺大好きなハワイでケン先生のリトリート🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️素敵な出会いがたくさんある場所💕毎日の練習も、おしゃべりも、食べることも全てがとにかく楽しい😂🤣ヨガがますます好きになる思考がどんどんクリアになる受け入れる心が自然と広がる私は私。それはそれ。ハワイは私をシンプルにする🌈幸せすぎる日々…✴︎✴︎ #hawaii #honolulu #waikiki #ocean #bluesky #sunshine #vacation #holiday #yoga #yogalife #yogaforlife #mylife #instagood #happiness #instagram #photooftheday #hawaiilife #thankyou #happy #ハワイ #ヨガ #ヨガライフ #ハワイ生活 #マインドフルネス #感謝 #バンバンバカンス #ありがとう #思い出

ご近所さんで私の好きなカフェに7月から働けることになりました☺︎☕️今は嬉しさとわくわくでたまらない。色々変わるけど、ヨガもカフェも好きな場所で好きな人たちと一緒に働けることに感謝😊これは美味しかったパフェです❤︎天気が良い日はテラス席も最高なのです☀︎ #yoga #cafe #カフェハクタ


This full moon cycle has been quite a roller coaster ride for me beginning for Friday night, I have just whizzed through all kinds of emotions & now I

Trabaja la postura, tu columna, mueve tu cuerpo de manera consciente sin dañarlo.Y sobre todo pásatelo en grande en nuestras clases de Pilates!Te

Absolutely wrong Yoga?Did you ever got into the conversation what Yoga is, or is not, what it is supposed to be, how wrong that type of yoga is, or

NUTRIÇÃO - MIRTILOSOs mirtilos apresentam um sabor doce e são suculentos e nutritivos. São alimentos protetores de doenças cardíacas, cancro

🥴 MARDY MONDAYS 🥴•Struggling to get into the swing of things today, especially after such a lovely relaxing weekend with these two (even if

Cette semaine, je souhaite que nous ayons des fleurs plein le cœur et plein le corps grâce à des pratiques de yoga flower power

Bli med på Yogatur til magiske Andøya 20-21 juni 2019 💗 Fire rolige dager fylt med Yoga, meditasjon, fjellturer, gongbad, kortreist mat,

Озеро Богатое. После подъёма к водопаду на ручье Суаткан очень приятно окунуться. А водопад... Очищает от прошлого, готовит к настоящему. #nz_diary_2019 #yoga


Alriggt.... we will see. Kale, spinach, ginger, garlic, banana, rasberry, and a carrot. LOL. I hope my banana covers everything theory works #whole30

Movement Mapping Iteland is a wrap. I couldn’t of asked for a better or host. Ireland you have my heart. I hope to come back soon.- #Repost

Yesterday at the beach Catherine and I got a chance to practice some of our #acro moves it was so much fun! I got sand all over my face and she

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Good morning! Let’s rock it, it’s Monday! ✨💪🏼⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀“That's how you know you love someone, I guess, when you can't

La gente muere...Esa es nuestra realidad final, que vamos a morir, no se porque a veces le tenemos tanto miedo a hablar del tema si absolutamente


Ação da mente & também do Coração ❤️Experiencie 🤟🏻....... Vem Praticar comigo 🙌🏻 @lionyogafitcenter #yoga #yogaposes

Monday’s tip: Stop wasting your time with people/things that were never worth your time. Please note: These distractions come especially when you

Summer is starting to poke it's head out from behind the clouds in Barcelona, and we couldn't be happier! ⠀⠀⠀⠀The Summer months for us are a

Esto no es Yoga.Esto es solo una postura.Yoga es un estilo de vida en unión con la tierra y el cielo Y eso no se puede mostrar en fotos.Eso es

🙏🚶‍♀️What are the steps for this week? 🤪Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the things you have to do and all the goals you have to

I recently competed a kids and family yoga training, One of the things that came up was mindfullness and being fully present and in the moment. We


I love gaRAWnola With activated seeds and nuts dehydrated with cinnamon maple sauce // 😋

"Jivana’s Accessible Yoga Training was a tremendous experience. It was filled with a plethora of wisdom and yogic inspiration. Months later, I am

Motivation: the thing that keeps you going even when you don’t want to. Even when you feel like everything will end. Even when you feel all odds are

Comenzamos las clases en un nuevo y hermoso lugar ❤️ Súmate a compartir esta experiencia para el cuerpo y el alma 🙏🏼 @carolievna 🔥

Attention: Fine Ladies of Defined Nation!!!! MDW is only a few short days away!! We want you hitting the beach in style💯💯☀️🏖 Get your


Mala gjord av bild jaspis samt ett fantastiskt fint elefanthänge

Dancing into Monday like...Haven’t had a full day off since last #sundayfunday & won’t have my next full day off until next Sunday, but I’m so

Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace ~Dalai Lama ..or your happiness for that matter. Easier said than done, it’s a work in

Best wishes to all of my lovely IG ❤️💐🦉🌹💜..wishing you a happy day🙏..To all of my lovely IG : 🌻I hope 2019 is filled with

Best wishes to all of my lovely IG ❤️💐🦉🌹💜..wishing you a happy day🙏..To all of my lovely IG : 🌻I hope 2019 is filled with

Best wishes to all of my lovely IG ❤💐🦉🌹💜 .wishing you a happy day🙏 . This photo was of the last day of 2018 . 🤗🤗🤗🤗 .To