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Sunday Feels•And yoga 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️•Sunday.830 am Healing Hatha w/Robyn.10 am Power Vinyasa w/Crystal.5 pm Vinyasa w/Tanya

I heard and felt my spine cracking while trying this.I got scared for a minute, thought I lost control and about to fall. I though I’m gonna break

Did you know that neck adjustments can improve your handstand balance? No, neither I didn’t, but I am not that coordinated and I managed to hold the

Tonight was one of my most favorite nights ever. We had 26 beautiful children of all ages and backgrounds come together for Kids’ Night Out. What a

My everything angelic mala for the angel in my life 💜🙏 @winhawaiister ...Blue Chalcedony is a demure crystal, subtle and mystic, cool and

After long searches here and there, in temples and in churches, in earths and in heavens, at last you come back, completing the circle from where you

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Eliminate those Sunday Scaries 👻with just 20 minutes more of me time:.Ideas for some QT Sunday Me Time .Meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️ Journaling

The Shivas.Pic by @thelovedwitch #yoga #baliyoga #byronbayyoga #byronbay #yogafrance #surf #surftrip #nature #thewitchesareback #tantra #tao #woman

To all my Yoga Friends out there, just trying to make it like the rest of us, beware of this number. Turns out it's a scam. They just contact you

Health, fitness and wellness is not about a structured system..Create and nurturing connections and communication with the people that you work along

Health, fitness and wellness is not about a structured system..Create and nurturing connections and communication with the people that you work along

My mom took this ❤️💙Nothing like spending some time with your mom and taking pictures in the sunshine ☀️I know where I get my creative

Soul Sunday 🔮Come connect with the rest of yourself. Join us for Vinyasa at 9:00am and Restorative at 10:15am▫️... #beachbeeyoga

Tudo o que fazemos, cada pensamento, cada ação, é alinhado com Amor e bondade ou não. Que todas as nossas escolhas da forma como falamos a nós

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🕉.MEDITATION is an act of listening to our Spirit/Universe connection. In that field every kind of seed is sown, and only the seed that has

I always complain about my low back pain on here but have never explained why I have the pain in the first place. When I was 17 I got hit by a drunk/

Do you love yourself?❤️☮️ Become aware of your actions, behavior, and words to those who are closest to you.😇.Begin with you and your

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Gratitude is an everyday attitude and it also attracts abundance. •For more positivity shop the positivity merch in my bio. ----- #gratitude

💫Grief is not a c o n d i t i o n to be cured but a natural part of life. Spirit doesn't know loss; it knows that every story begins and every

Green healthy juice Ingredients: curly kale roughly chopped1 large lemon peeled and quartered1 inch ginger peeled1 large cucumber 

Que 2019 seja tão bom quanto 2018, que tenhamos forças e saúde para continuar nesta infinita caminhada que é a vida, valeu 2018 !...... #abs

As dificuldades são o aço estrutural que entra na construção do caráter. Por isso, não importa quantas vezes você caia, esteja sempre preparado

God Bless #America 🇺🇸♥️💯❣️🌈🌎🌸🌻🦄