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i took too long debating on if this was spit or a piecing: second off, shave. third off:.. i graduate tomorrow .. cool || @colbybrocksecret

All day I’ve been trying so fuckin hard to get that 100% so I can attend graduation tomorrow, but that’s not happening 😓😔😭.. anyways hope


Honestly can’t get through Colby’s newest video, I literally can’t breath like how is he so perfect Oml Follow @colbyxbrenz (me) for more !!!


I hate myself for doing this.... tag him? Personally I think this is pretty funny but idk about what you all will think lol •••••Tags

✖️3/3 I like this one a lot what do y’all think✖️ ↠ @mikes.dead Credit∶ me Music∼ umm idk Audio ac~ IdkTag the boys in the

Guys I know I’m ugly😔 follow my main @n.nxtxlia

HIS LEG IS THE COLOUR OF HIS SHORTS I- skdhsohs. Not to be mean but @colbybrock Should lowkey go slap his leg. Sam doesnt tan


Doing this 30 day idol challenge let’s hope I don’t skip any days because I forget 🤞🤞 Day 1: idol in sunglasses #colbybrock #xplr

I'm backkkkkkk it's not the end of the school year but I wanted to post part one for like 3 days!! So I'm coming back! Hi missed you guys

He’s so hot mannn.🥴 currently on the road in Sacramento..going back home it’s like a 3 hr drive yikes

This is a continuation of Take A Chance. I havent thought of a name yet. Same characters, different situations coming. Try to update Wattpad tonight.

This is the picture Sam posted on their 4 year anniversary of making a YouTube channel and his caption was so sweet. I love them so much, they're the

NEW STORY:Pretty Little Baddie: Chapter 02 | Dangers In Your Blood--ALSO congrats to @mxlaniearce for making it into the book! 🖤🌼Just so


I fucking love the tfil trip videos. I pRay To lOrd @eltoncastee goes on one with sam and colby again. NO IM Not being one of those fans like

help. help. help. i cant decide whether to buy sam OR colbys merch! i cant decide and it’s making me wanna cry 😭 ....| @colbybrock

I’m reading a new book called ‘ROOM’ and it’s pretty interesting. There is a movie based on it as well but I wanna finish the book first. -


Look at all those chicKens! Wowwww they fr gonna make me download tiktok and keep it. They are fully killing my storage

Colby Brock mood board, I posted it on my mood board account too but I like it quite a bit so imma drop it here-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Stress levels would shoot so high ×🚫pls give credits or tag me if you repost🚫 ××××Follow for more Sam and Colby!××××××


Ok so here’s the edit for today sorry it’s so late I went to go see a movie AnYwAyS I’m going to be posting every other day because of stress so

i love him so much 😣😪. today was SOO amazing im so excited for everything thats headed my way! for the first time i feel overwhelmed.. but the


(Comment 🌹 if you’re from the explore page) so Colby has a lip piercing now? I- stan. ••Follow me for more: @jasmine.edits._ ••

You guys make my heart happy💕

colbae 🥺 @colbybrock -this took me longer than i thought it would ahh