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I took a break today and went and got a pedicure. I thought long and hard about going and eating somewhere and then I decided that I could keep my no

What’s for Dinner? Tuesday edition. Skillet Philly cheesesteak (made with ground chicken), seven grain blend, and carrots. Tasty and good for you!

🇨🇿▪️Who is it: Czech pilot Stanislav Plzák▪️Squadron: 310th (CZ/SK)▪️Finally rank in RAF: P/O▪️Motorcycle: BSA M20

#transformationtuesday the picture on the left is the day I joined @ww and the one on the right is today. 75lbs gone and feeling so damn good

Have you checked off your self-care box today?I have been feeling burnt out for quite some time now in my personal and professional life. I’ve

Tonight’s dinner 1 point! I ate some of the chicken before I took the picture because I was staaaavin! But Grilled Chicken Parmigiana anyone?

I’ve never considered myself a picker eater but there are just things I don’t like. I’ll eat them, but I won’t be happy about it. Cauliflower

Chalupa Tuesday? Close enough🤪🤷🏻‍♀️ 11sp for the plate!•2 tostada shells: 4sp•4oz ground turkey: 4sp•Daisy Light Sour cream:

Quesadilla for dinner! I was planning on having 2 since the ole wraps are pretty small, but I am full after 1 thanks to the refried beans and corn

Experimented with dinner tonight and made a taco casserole. I will get the recipe posted on my website soon. My family loved it and it is only 9sp for

Made a fresh batch of @theskinnyishdish chicken street tacos! 3 tacos for 5sp. Served with yellow rice, pinto beans and avocado. These tacos freeze

Reaching a lot of milestones at the moment!Today my friend just casually asked me to go to the gym with him and I said yes. Honestly never thought I

Taco Tuesday is lookin’ a little healthier tonight 🌮 I used ground turkey seasoned with taco seasoning(1sp) on top of salad greens with 1/4 cup

I can never get enough eggplant. These are stuffed eggplant boats from @skinnytaste, made with @traderjoes sun dried tomato chicken sausage, basil,

true power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero, and leader.❇ yung pueblo

Here’s a photo of me drinking a fun pink beer, but also, I’m asking some pertinent questions on my stories. This will help to make sure you’re

Yesss! A bad day doesn’t mean give up it just means get over it and move on! It’s okay to mess up or have bad days just get right back on track

Yeeeessss. Found these @cliosnacks at @wholefoods Can't wait to try then. 😍 points vary from 4 - 6 these are the only flavors they had.

If you were to tell me 2 years ago that I’d be the happiest I’ve ever been, most confident I’ve ever been, and working my dream job I’d tell

Guys, check out this BELLY! 🤰🏻😆 •••It is getting bigger by the day, and at almost 23 weeks I am feeling Baby Boy flutter, flip, and

🇨🇿▪️Who is it: Czech pilot Karel Pavlík▪️Squadron: 313th (CZ/SK)▪️Final rank in RAF: Sgt▪️Aircraft: Supermarine Spitfire Mk

Finally celebrating #tacotuesday 💃🏼😍 Checkout alll the sauces in our house. My husband said chicken tacos are better than beef tacos 😘

#transformationtuesday Work clothes used to be a source of anxiety for me. I loved dressing up yet hated trying on clothes. It’s so crazy that now I

I’m just going to start posting #wwhatieatinaday on #ww to hopefully help with holding myself accountable. I kind of unintentionally started

Dinner 03/26/19 🍲🍰Salmon fillet pan fried in fish crisp with a side of stir fried snap peas and cauliflower. For dessert, a ww friendly banana

Back to the basics after 2 weeks of not tracking. When will I learn?! 😩Just 3 so for the 1/2 cup of rice. Love this 0 point sugar free bbq sauce

@theskinnyishdish Chicken con Broccoli was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Best thing I have ever made! My son kept saying “this chicken is delish!” 🤣 so so

Blackened shrimp tacos and my mother n laws beans (I couldn’t help myself and they are pointy) these tacos are sooo yummy! Love that you can find

My last @ww tues-weigh for March!!! I’ll still have to weigh out for my March diet bet and if I win I’ll be down over 40lbs! Even if I don’t win

This morning I threw 2 chicken breast in the crockpot on low with a little water, salsa, reduced sodium taco seasoning & banana peppers. This was the

Dinner is 10 points worth of almond milk, chocolate protein powder, and strawberry frosted mini wheats. #ww #fooddiary

Be very careful with your pressure cookers/insta pots etc... mine was a @crockpot brand and it started on fire last week. I heard a loud POP sound

More fun with mini waffle cone bowls by @joyconeco . 4 points for these no-bake mini Apple pies.--I used the recipe I had for mini apple pies, but

Chicken Sausage and Roasted Vegetables for lunch today!! • Gilbert’s Aloha Chicken Sausage (3 SP)• 4 oz cooked sweet potato (4 SP)• Roasted

Dinner was this super yummy polish dinner inspired by AlFresco Sweet Apple 🍎 Chicken Sausage that go fabulous with 3 of my home made Pierogi ‘s

Taco Tuesday 20sp used some weeklies. Swipe for tracker. @ww #weareww #wwfreestyle #wwcommunity #wwfamily #wwinstafam #weightlossdiary #weightloss

Movie night with the Hubby earlier...Captain Marvel was really great to say I’m normally a DC kinda girl...stuck to plan and just used 3pts for some

Taco Tuesday 😍 96/4 meat 3oz (2), carb counter tortilla (1), salsa(0), sour cream (1), lettuce black beans, kraft FF cheese for (0) and some

I have been looking forward to this dinner all day! This Chicken Con Broccoli is one of my absolute favorite meals by @theskinnyishdish 🤤

It’s a pretty evening here in Kentuckiana, so the boyfriend and I had to bust out the grill. This whole dinner is a whopping total of 1sp for the

The grilled market salad from Chick-fil-a (7) is one of the very best salads, in my opinion. I love a salad that needs very little dressing because of

Back to body pump after a week off! Got my butt kicked & it felt so good!

An extra long walk today for the birthday boy 🎉🐶❤️ can’t believe my fur baby is 8 years old today 😱 time has flown and he’s still as

For all of the 1’s of you who’ve missed my paper plate meal posts. 😂 Tonight’s dinner was superb. Baked sugar-free honey mustard chicken

Gotta love a yummy take out fake out meal! 8 points total & so delicious! I made the Beef & Broccoli recipe from the @ww app. It was delicious! I

I have been DYING for a fruit tart, so giving this a try! 2 points pure slice, serves 8.Would be 1 point each but added more cool whip then called.

Jacket Potato with chicken 😍