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Do you have a favorite playlist for your creative time? @vincenttuckwood created my all time favorite album for writers (available on Bandcamp). In

Notes from today. Continuing to learn our own story on a deeper level through other peoples experiences and thoughts. 🖤📖.. #writersofinstagram

This is sad. Just f***ing sad 💔 Reading through this scene with a mix of pain and pleasure. Yes, I do like to make my characters suffer a bit

Ein weiterer wundervoller Messetag geht zu Ende und es war Wahnsinn ❤️ Vielen Dank, dass ihr alle da gewesen seid und für so viele tolle Momente

“I’ve burned all the bridges I once could stand on. No place to run, no place to hide. All for a chance at hope laced with lies. Insanity, my

Sometimes all she wants is the effort that she gives, the love she provides and for someone to hear the words she refuses to say. Sometimes she just

I’m Worth It I Promise.

I wrote this for a scholarship contest called Frame my Future. This might be the longest poem I've ever written. ****My goal in life is to change


Today I had the priviledge of doing two amazing things - sharing the stage with @authordalerobbins to talk about novel plotting and planning AND

To everyone who has preordered Remaining Aileen so far, THANK YOU!!! .I am addressing and filling envelopes today, and hopefully will get your

Check out the new piece on Link is in the bio.If you are a writer, don't forget to sign up to start posting your works today.

To see the goodness these days we have to look past the ugliness, look right through it, everyone is so focused on it. Who’s doing wrong, who’s

Leaving Terlingua is never easy but thankfully I love where I’m headed next. This week I’ll be back home in Santa Fe where I’ll put my nose to

Saturday afternoon at the movies, and you just can't put that book down...Vol One on Amazon Two on Amazon.

Someone has to hold down the fort while mom writes/edits #dogmom #writerslife

Wow. This hits home. Words by @giana.say ♥️..Use #tastehermind for a chance to be featured 🥰 - Rana

🎶✨You see a bad b*tch comin’ through, yo, what’s the hol’ up, I’m in that new new meetin’ NewNew when I roll up ✨🎶📸:

I am numb.

We love a good folk tale, and anything fantastical ✨ Spot the Faeries and wood nymphs if you can

"When people are having an affair...they will blast through any obstacles in order to be alone with their object of devotion and obsession."

#Sunday is here.The sun is shining and I really do not want to crawl out of bed.But... too many tasks to be handled and time is slipping away. Plus

Esta frase no es mía. Pero me encantó al grado de querer subirla pues refleja la dualidad que dos personas pueden compartir. A veces pareciera que

#instawrimo day 24: writing hero's 🦅🦡🐍🦁J. K. Rowling. A hero to a lot of writers. I think we all wish we had the determination and drive

My revision process is deeply affected by my practical, strategic way of organising my workflow..Before I start my day, I have to braindump a

Swipe for my writing playlist(Well, I don't write to it because I would get distracted by singing, but it's the playlist for my book.)Before you ask

Getting my tracker ready for camp nanowrimo next month. My goal is 30k...lets do this!!

“Yer willing to beat a man who done you no wrong for a few pennies, I wonder what else yer willing to do.”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀One of the

Reposting @writeraflame:⠀...⠀"I’m going to do this right now, after I post. I do it often and it really seems to help. Write what you’re

We socialise. We meet new people , different kinds of people . We laugh and hang out together , promising each other to meet again despite knowing

Slay Saturdays: Mary and Their Flight⠀Nonbinary Mary gets pwned by Murphy's Law. Everything that could go wrong did AND more. Read full flash

It’s lovely to connect with so many new writers and readers in this wonderful community we’ve created. Your friendship, support, and daily

Just because we can live without something doesn't mean we have to. ⬇️🖋..I am sitting in a sauna with two retired ladies on a Saturday

I've been at home sick with a severe case of the bronchitis & I'm getting better. In these past couple days, I've been able to clean/organize/sanitize

Everytime when there is heavy storm it drag me into our past.The water, cold enough to give chill to bones gives me a hallunation of you dancing in

Don’t hurt yourself 🦉💋👑🎓🎓🎓This woman isUnbothered. Has a Nonstop grind.Works it into existence. Doesn’t waste time.Always

Back to revising my Sci-Fi-Fantasy novel. It's backbreaking. The endless hours at the table. In front of the screen. Fingers on the keys. The body