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Je veux dédier de quatrain à Jean Vanier, fondateur de l’Arche, récemment décédé. Je rends hommage à une vie donnée au service des petits,


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Vorrei avere la mia età.Anche mia madre dice che sono cresciuta troppo in fretta. Troppo dolore,troppa sofferenza.Fin da subito volevo salvare

⭐️Have a positive, bombastic ‘look forward to the summer’ kind of week 😇💪...My current mood- 🤔 Contemplative:if you could do it

সাহিত্যিক অনুৰাধা শৰ্মা পূজাৰীক ভাষা ওজা হেমচন্দ্ৰ বৰুৱা বটাঁ প্ৰদান.....দেৰগাওঁ সাহিত্য সভাই দেৰগাওঁৰ চন্দ্ৰ নাথ খাওণ্ড ভৱনত আয়োজন কৰা এক অনুষ্ঠানত বিশিষ্ট সাহিত্যিক অনুৰাধা শৰ্মা পূজাৰীক 'ভাষা ওজা হেমচন্দ্ৰ বৰুৱা সাহিত্য বঁটা'প্ৰদান কৰে। অনুষ্ঠানত মুখ্য অতিথি ৰূপে উপস্থিত থাকে অসম সাহিত্য সভাৰ প্ৰাক্তন সভাপতি ডাঃ ধ্ৰুৱজ্যোতি বৰা ,দেৰগাঁৱৰ বিধায়ক ভৱেন্দ্ৰ নাথ ভৰালী আৰু গোলাঘাটৰ উপায়ুক্ত ধীৰেণ হাজৰিকা। #NandiniMagazine #assamesemagazine #womenmagazine #anuradhasarmahpujari #award #achievement #honour #litereture #writer #womenwriters #instastory #instamedia #instanandini


Your choices are allowed. The Alabaman governor may take away your right, but they can’t take away your worth. And if they think that you can’t

WHAT JOURNEYING TAUGHT ME 🌻🍃•Feel Free To Share Or Tag A Few Persons That May Relate To This.•My Debut Book"A Mindset of the Moon"Is

[ ➡️Michael attending at Comic Con, Sofia - 2017 ] ...Happy Monday y'all ♡ ...📸: Comic Con Sofia


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Officially ready for baseball tourney season. Sooooo excited about my new hatchback awning and bottomless iced tea and the smell of sunscreen.

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Much love to Brandi!!! This Facebook memory that popped up today was from 9 years ago when I first published "Open Spaces." Anybody that has THIS

Annihilation storiez________________________________Follow @annihilationstoriez________________________________By - @whatheartwrites0

In just 6 days you can meet and have your copy of "Who's Going to Protect Me?...The Preacher's Kid" autographed by the author herself, Rachelle Jones

“A Portrait of Peace” 🙏🏽✨☮️💯

nós não podemos nos tornar o que queremos permanecendo o que somos 🌹dos mesmos criadores de noronhe-se, vem aí: mude-se. renove-se. prospere-

🌼 There is a friend of mine. She had been keeping a secret from her parents. One evening, she decided to tell her parents about it. She told her


I've always been described as strong and yet, never truly felt that way. I had often displayed strength as hardening my heart, steeling my emotions

What a joy to talk about #TheMadonnaOfBolton with the Madonna of BURY - the equally inspirational @vicderbyshire! If you missed the show, you can

My book 📖 📚 Some consider me an extrovert but truth be told I am an introvert, and artista who creates better alone, I’m comfortable in

My book 📖 📚 Some consider me an extrovert but truth be told I am an introvert, and artista who creates better alone, I’m comfortable in

🎭📖 “I’d always believed that a life of quality,enjoyment,and wisdom were my human birthright and would be automatically bestowed upon me as

Bury me in your sunlight, 'til I beseech the heavens, 'til I beg for air - but don't heed my pleas. Let me suffocate 'til the sun wanes and the

She doesn’t really know me but sent this my way. Maybe she does know me 🤔


Non sono coerente. Amo leggere, ma non studio. Mi piace scrivere, ma quando devo mandare un messaggio importante faccio un gran casino. Mi piace

Mi fa ridere chi mi conosce da cinque minuti e sostiene di avermi già inquadrata. Io ho a che fare con me da una vita e ancora non mi capisco.

Nella gente vorrei trovare, la trasparenza e la profondità del mare, l'immensità del cielo, il calore del fuoco, la concretezza della terra e la