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ENTRY NO. 51 #goodbye #lettheinkflowTill today but the most beautiful day of my life became the hardest day to passThis is the day of our final

There is nothing better than the unconditional love of a dog. They want peace and 💕 love. They give so much joy with no effort. #agewelllifestyle

Kick off Spring with a free custom poem...Step 1: follow this account. Step 2: like this post and comment with an original idea for a poem. Step 3:

Jangan hanyut ya. Coba untuk tenang dan jadikan masa lalu sebagai guru kehidupan kalian. Selamat berhari Minggu, semoga hari ini kita semua baik-baik

Shout out to @iamamylatta for this great post. Love this message.

👊Quando ti ho letto.Quando ti ho ascoltato.Quando consapevolmente ho udito uscire le tue parole dalla mia bocca lentamente.Ecco, lì, è

A Clueless reunion?? As if?

The M's family Relationship Q&A After 9yrs of dating she finally said yes to the lover of her life. Newly Married and looking forward to Their bright

Self control = non existent..Work vs. bubbles in the spring sunshine. There really was no competition..I keep telling myself that I’ll get back

I was born lost, and take no pleasure in being found.-John SteinbackI love when I resonate so much with words that fall from others lips, or flow

Time for another tease.Working on the Matt Parton @partoonz and I collaboration for the upcoming Undiscovered Realm CC on May 4th!That's no moon.

MASTERPIECE!!•••I'm sure there will be a lot of people who will need this broken down to realize why this is such a FANTASTIC #horror film,

«La luz fue cegadora por un momento y luego todo confluyó en la línea plana del horizonte».📖Así acaba el libro de @_evammartinez →Cristal

Art of growing up


We rise by lifting others.Allowing others shine, does not diminish your light!

....I kept your voice in the stairway20 steps to your door of welcoming20 down towards my escapeAll that laughter the air held closelyMy lungs


Super proud of my daughter's choice at the library!

«Ti nuk m’i meriton as lotët, as pagjumjen e as vetminë e ikjeve të tua narcizike, po s’ka gjê. Unë edhe sot të desha njësoj, e nesër m

To everyone who has preordered Remaining Aileen so far, THANK YOU!!! .I am addressing and filling envelopes today, and hopefully will get your

Such a great time out at Bogati Winery today 🍷 Always so thankful for everyone who comes out to listen! ❤️

A quote from my workbook we dove into during my (Awaken Your Purpose) Workshop..I truly believe this about every single person I have ever met. I

To the people who ask me what my upcoming book is about:Unlovable is a book about my hearts journey. A personal story about the things I have gone

In 4 years in the U.S. they have raised 4 million to help child poverty. No child should go hungry ♥️ @rednosedayusa the red nose reminds us of

Link in bio 🌲💜✨

Денес на утринската на Сител се разбудивме со кафе и позборувавме околу денешниот настан кој веќе се случува. #PayWithAPoem................ #instagram #instadaily #instapost #photography #pose #инстаграмџии #photooftheday #ootd #instagrammers #photographyporn #photoporn #fashion #interview #clothing #interviewer #fashionblogger #blogger #style #manstyle #author #writer #studio #instagood #instamoment #picoftheday #books #booklover #paywithapoem

Music. Just make music. Please just make music. Listen to music. Live in music. Music is miraculous. Music brings peace.. #poetry #instapoem

This is the finished manuscript of my next collection of poetry. Hard and soft copies. It is in three parts and is about mental health, mental health

The importance of the super cropped haircut. The scalp breathes. The brain relaxes. The mind levitates. You have no idea how much peace and bliss it

"She writes frenetically"...Review of my poetry book SONGS OF SANITY in The Hindu. It's part of a longer article from 14th April, 2018 in the Poetry

COLOURS OF SHADOW | One Novella + Eleven Short Stories | Available at , & | Order your copy today! Deep dive into

"SOX" ❤️🐾❤️ .Fighting for change, fighting for a cause. Always be kind ❤️ ~ ©️ Tammie Hammond 2017 (Photo owned by me, quote by me