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Who else wants to take a trip to Norway???? Bergen is a great city, and with airfare prices falling, this is the time to make the most of it and go on

When the Perito Moreno Glacier first comes into view as the bus goes around the bend in the road, it takes your breath away. The scale and magnitude

In a world of Ash ☄️

Packing has begun. First up cleaning and reorganizing my everyday bag to make it my carry on bag 💼 . ✈️

Edo Castle, or the Imperial Palace was the place where the Tokugawa Shogun Familyhad lived and started the shogunate.It is the residence of Their

“Our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life. They are what we have been through and who we want to be.” - Lauren HuttonMeet Clara

Link in BIO.... Ghana 🇬🇭 was one of the countries that took us out of our comfort zones if that was possible!_The impact was a mix of

We’ve started our new job and settled into our new house, now all we need to do is plan our next route🛫 any recommendations? Blog - link in bio

How's your 2019 going ? Any travel planned ?I can happily say that we have booked all our 2019 Europe adventure, this is where we are going

JET LAG 《Swipe left for video》.What is jet lag? It's when your sleep pattern is disturbed due to traveling long distances or to different time

The daily essentials 🤙🏻

It’s almost time to jet

- Il y a un grand combat qui se passe à l'intérieur de nous tous, lui dit- il. Et c'est un combat entre deux loups l'un est le mal, il est colère

🇬🇧👇👇🇪🇸Qué experiencia han tenido en alquiler de autos en general y en particular en #Cancún?.En el link de la bio describimos

This picture is actually a throwback to last summer hiking up and the Jewel Basin with Hunter Welcome and James Jelormino🤙And James was the one

West Coast Sunsets! 🌄

Who else is ready for Spring? 🌻

Where The Trees are Older then Time. ⌛

The Mystery of The Photo 🔍

A dog's feet are the happiest when their Moving! 🐾

All about the Lines.📸

The land of Myths🌲

Can You Hear The Sound of The Crashing Waves?🌊

Only In The Valley of Death 💀

7 metre tall Buddha (or possibly, Buddhist monk) statue, carved out of a rock face in Sri Lanka, alongside a reclining and a sitting Buddha. Part of