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🌸💮BERLIN 💮🌸Hallo meine Lieben,Wir hatten ein mega schönes Wochenende in #berlin. Dieses Mal haben wir mal nicht typische sightseeing

It's so strange that a moment that is 'now' becomes a moment 'then' within a second - featuring the beautiful sights of Lake Como. #lake #lakes

Clive Roddy Designer & Maker Balloon Pin House @cliveroddy Materials: Birch Plywood, cork, plastic, steel, brass Dimension: 10 x 5 x 5 cm

83 of 365: yes, it’s Sunday. Yes, we are at 25º. Yes, it’s very hot... and it’s The 16th World Soup Festival 🥄... #2019 #challenge

My Queen from west Java @jesicafitriana puteri Indonesia pariwisata 2019 Miss supranational Indonesia 2019......

For entertainment 💓🔥💓Universe as no choice other than following me 😎Follow @venu_memes Follow @venu_memesLike🌹Comment🙋Share

🇬🇧 One #world, One #subject, a #gallery inspired by it. Now it is "love" time: what comes into your mind? .🇮🇹 Una #parola, un #soggetto,

Churchianity or Christianity 12 — Graphic created by Bill Kochman — — #churchianity, #christianity, #buildings,

Doing what makes heart happy... Service above self #world rotaract week

Visitando el desierto de Wadi Rum en Jordania, lugar donde se han grabado películas como Martes, el Planeta de los Simios, Indiana Jones, Prometheus

The meeting place of East and West, the place which will take you back to the Arabian nights!Plan your next vacation to Istanbul. #world #travel

Sus criticas deberían generarme dinero por eso empece hacer musica, subscribanse a mi canal y escuchen lo que ahí 🔥🔺✡👁 ☞💽 https://

Ontem lutei o troféu Brasil , vice campeão lutando quatro lutas finalizando as três , e perdendo na final por 2x0 , agradeço primeiro a Deus por

Морской тральщик.Год 1974

☁️dneska už počasí nic moc 🤔ale i tak uz není aspoň taková zima ☺️🙏na čerstvém vzduchu je vždycky nejlíp 😍🤗hezky zbytek

कागजो 📄 पर तो #अदालते🏰 चलती हैहम तो #रॉयल छोरे है #फैसला


Pure beauty🦔🐻❄️

Where’s our fellow dog lovers at? This is Koda, my 5 year old rescue! I adopted him when he was only 2 months old after he was abandoned at our

“always be grateful for what you have, you never know what could happen next” 🙏🌙

Narrow alley

🌙choices 💫chances ✨changes 🌟

mom’s lap 🥰