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Update on the breeches-situation! :)))) First two pictures are closeups of buttons and shit (I'm getting better at sewing buttonholes, they almost

Amazing artwork by 🔥🔥 @srijatimishra_______Follow 👇👇👇 @modern_sketches_______ #modern_sketches 👈Use as features_______‌ #art

Oh the possibilities! I’m really liking the direction this background is going. Wet, wet, wet paint so now it’s time to dry. Any guess as to


Actually this is where I'm up to , Haha , started detailing more in the glasses etc with whites , but I'll layer more shading in tomorrow and

In the process of making the Hogwarts uniform seen in Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald. The robe is half finished but still need to find the

Paint process for Nemora fanartReferences - quick sketch - thumbs for poses and background - tweak thumb - value sketch - i wasnt happy with the


I have my annual physical today, so I can find out how unhealthy I am ( I can do this for free, but I need my prescription refilled). I am holed up at

« Difficile ne veut pas dire impossible... cela veut simplement dire que tu dois travailler dur »C’est avec cet état d’esprit que

Focus on you and what makes you hop back & forth in excitement, because not living your life is no way to live ❤💪🏼....... #mondayvibes

Companion Moon spirits! Can't wait to see this with color!...Re-post from @kelseyleeartistry ・・・ Here’s my latest kitty moon spirit sketch

Last update for the evening! It’s all coming together now. I’m layering acrylic over the darker areas of fur to really make the highlights pop,

Coucou les amis je suis en vacances chez ma belle famille et ça fait vraiment du bien❤️ mais je vais avoir du mal à dessiner pendant quelques


"Love the life you have while you create the life of your dreams" - Hal Elrod.Feeling strong and getting more excited each day about the muscle I'm

Pencil drawing workshopGalerie Benjamin Eck @galerie_benjamin_eck FLAVIO APEL/ 10.05. - 12.05./ 12:00 - 19:00Price / 490€STUDENTS & SENIORS /


Spraying some MDF panels. Trying some different finishes in the garden while the weathers nice. Caparol PU gloss. @tikkurila_uk Helmi 80 and Temador

Mokimoki leaves - working on some more designs this weekend, I still have the speed wobbles after being off the tools for a while but pleased with

Pencil drawing workshopGalerie Benjamin Eck @galerie_benjamin_eckFLAVIO APEL/ 10.05. - 12.05./ 12:00 - 19:00Price / 490€STUDENTS & SENIORS /

A alma agradece pelo baita final de semana de música e amigos!!! Em ordem, um salve para o @samir_chammas & famílias; ao pessoal do @taylorspub e do

Shout out to @_kris1o for being my first Guinea Pig outside of a mannequin and letting me try this Natural Look on her... you were brave girl..! Lol

〰💥TA-DAA 💥, le petit site Marcel Gracieuse est enfin en ligne !! Tous les frais de port sont offerts pour la France 🙌🏻!! - Des petites


Just over half the cupboards and draws painted on one side now, tomorrow I need to paint the other side then once I’ve cleared some space work on

Remember when I started this Cersei painting and then literally never got back to it again 😂 I feel like It should finish this before she dies

Monday Morning Chest/Tricep Pump 💪🏼💪🏼 What did/are you working today to start the week off?••1. Isolateral Chest Press

🔥UNSEEN-LA SERIE Ep.2🔥Ufficialmente disponibile🥂Ogni lunedì alle 21.00 fuori su Vimeo una nuova puntata🎊 "Il piano dell'organizzazione


😅Quand tu décides le dimanche soir à 20h que tu iras faire une course le dimanche matin à 9h00😅.🔝Un petit tour sur 25km et environ 600D

I am finally finishing the panda doodle I started a few weeks ago!I am really Liking the way it’s coming out.Let me know what you think

After a long two days over the weekend in work, I've spent today with the hubby in the front garden. He's worked very hard pulling the plants out of

Pencil drawing workshopGalerie Benjamin Eck @galerie_benjamin_eckFLAVIO APEL/ 10.05. - 12.05./ 12:00 - 19:00Price / 490€STUDENTS & SENIORS /

an imaginarium

Amigos instagramers, yo que pensaba que ya habían acabado las obras en este emblemático hotel de Santander 😁😄😆.

I’ve tried soooooo many diets and different ways to lose weight over the course of my life. Some have worked, some haven’t but they’ve been hard


« Falling in love with yourself doesn’t make you vain or selfish.. It makes you indestructible. » .. #fitness #tryingtobefit