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A N N O D O M I N I.first two days of becoming a #tourguide for #vineyards 🤗Visited a vineyard from 1723... Great experience, great wine

Being able to go fast and get things done is key, but Craftsmanship and Quality always comes first. Something that we like to do is when a sliding

Yes, it's true: inspiration is everywhere. BUT: you have to see it and I think this needs the right mood. ⁣I for example need to be relaxed and calm

Recordamos hoy uno de nuestros proyectos internacionales; amueblamos las nuevas oficinas del Grupo Banijay en #París @banijaygroup

Spieszę donieść, że na blogu czeka na Was nowy wpis! Dość nieoczekiwanie, wpis dotyczy.. prania brudnych pieniędzy 😉 I kontroli. Ale tym

Right upper is when I started this journey around 2004. Left is now! Down 160 pounds! Size 12, oh my! Since January 2018 down 40 pounds and 44

Did I happen to tell you guys I have a job now? Working at Coles servo! 😁 last morning shift today, swap to grave yard tonight! #colesexpress


Yo 😂😂😂 it’s been a while! I’ve been working on the video for the past month, and I’m almost done with everything. Sorry it took so long

Las señalizaciones corresponde a un sistema de comunicación visual sintetizado en un conjunto de señales o símbolos que cumplen la funcion de

I love that I get to work with amazing people from all over the place! My favorite part is building not only friendships but family relationships as

#repost from @recasur_oficial 🤓 ¿Sabías Qué? 🤓No solo vendemos accesorios de autos 🙄 Si no que contamos con una amplia gama de de

Anzeige - Nächste Woche ist schon April! Freut ihr euch auch schon auf ein neues Monatsangebot? 😍

Both our Skylark caps and lanyards are available to buy on our website! When will you be ordering yours?......... #outdoors #fitness #lanyard

Dedico questa alle malelingue che pensano o dicono che prendo qualcosa... morite di invidia perché quest'anno non utilizzo integratori...

LOCAÇÃOApt na Pituba, 2/4, MOBILIADO, suíte, 2 varandas, 78m, ar condicionado, infraestrutura, 1 vaga coberta.R$ 3.000,00 com taxasRef:

🎶Work, work, work, work, work, work You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work🎶Relaxing after some muscle work #working #stanford

That's right! Work hard for your future, invest time, learn relatable skills, find your niche and go for it! If you don't, who will? 🤔My point is

today sucks

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