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Mail call! These fine people have fueled my sticker addiction, and yet another #woodworking t-shirt by @7miledesigns !! Go follow these fine folks,

Easy on...easy off! Filled up the #sheetgoods cart already for some upcoming #shopprojects! Super easy to unload out of the @ramtrucks and onto the


This guy has been without legs and a decent pair of pants for a couple of months. Going to try and finish him this week. #woodart #woodworking


Throwin’ it back to our first ever forged knife! Always fun to see how much you’ve learned over the years. ••• #handmade #craftsman

Sanding this little batch and carving a bunch more.

Mini dresser is complete with this new burnt look 🤙 turned out very well with the sliding door and 5 drawers. The customer will be adding the knobs

Custom 16”x20” Canvas print for @ill_stikid of his STI! Photo was printed on 21 MIL Matte Canvas material and stretched on a .75” wooden frame!

The Vertical Collection- Revolution is a Coffee Molecule Shelf custom ordered by a client out of Baltimore Maryland #funkydesign #coffeemolecule


Base is squared and glued up with the assist from the Festool Domino. @besseytools_na @irwintools clamps holding it down. 🗜. Next up is the braces

Who's looking for a unique father's day gift? Look no further! We'll engrave anything you can think of, including your kid's handwriting onto a hammer

Repurposed singer sewing machine base with stained butcher block on top. Original base color and wheels with natural aging. This cute table can be

Shop fan with 9 lives. After crashing onto concrete floor I made a quick base from 1/4” Baltic birch plywood scraps. ....... #woodworking

Trimmed and planed some absolutely beautiful kiln dried poplar boards I picked up a few weeks back from @ballash_woodworks (He has some amazing woods

The Shelly backyard is starting to come to shape in my mind, now I just have to get there and do it. I'll be moving back home with

Next part (part 4) coming up Friday! Make sure you check my youtube channel for my latest video. Click link in my bio. 👊👍 #shopbuild


Growing up, I had a framed piece of cloth that had been cross-stitched with my birth stats on it. I kept it hanging on my wall until I was about

How would you have coped the ends of the louvers? Would you have cut them or notched the jamb?Here are a couple in progress photos from a louvered

Built for a buddy. A real nice 3.5 lb Mann Edge Tool Co. head on a 31" handle with some fresh leather. A fellow junkie provided some insight into

My single end tenoner makes life a lot easier. Before we had it we calculated how many times we had to make a pass on the table saw to make a tenon

Teak wood outdoor garden bench made of 💯 percent Indonesian plantation teak wood. Available in 2 seater and 3 seater . #teakwood #teakbench


New trivet design, what do you think? #woodworking #mio #design

Working on table tops galore, and check out the contrasting grain of the wood 😍! That’s some awesome character

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts in the whole wide world, aside from the two peanuts who made me a mom! ❤️ Josh made this beautiful lamp by

We are proud and honored to be a sponsor of this event. Aug. 11 stop by Breitenbach Winery for a day of peace and music. There will be two trejons on


A Seamless Connection is something that we all strive for.⠀-⠀For most people its about relationships and conversations but in this case it's

👉Get woodworking plans that comes with step-by-step instructions and detailed photos🛠 . ..- Over 16,000 Woodworking Plans- With CAD/DWG

Thinking of adding a cherry wood option 🍒 maybe.. probably.

Well, I wish I could say this picture is staged, but sadly, it’s not. I haven’t had much time in the shop, so it’s been my place of late night

🔥🛠🌶 #fish, #minifish y #dart en procesoEstructura en madera maciza, con escastres y tarugos a la vista... #longboard #hechoamano


Caption didn’t post originally. Sorry!-..10” Spalted Maple Bowl with a repaired crack. This one was twice turned on the electric lathe and I