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I was inspired to do some extras paintings today and these pretty shiny ones have appeared 💙💛💚 Happy Easter #studiopainting #picoftheday

I am Lala...the destroyer of wood and bringer of smiles... have a happy day my friends 🐥🌞🌈Follow me for a smile  @hilalacockatoo

branded wood cutting boards for your kitchen or business or special event we can make it happen For you in our factory #cuttingboard


Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: laser engraved logo word block, personalized wooden block, corporate block, custom wood block,

TANGRAM🔽🔸🔺◾🎉 listos para ir de cumple 🎉.Didáctico/lúdico. Tipo Puzzle.❗DATO:ℹ¿Sabías que el mayor desafío del TANGRAM

TANGRAM🔽🔸🔺◾🎉 listos para ir de cumple 🎉.Didáctico/lúdico. Tipo Puzzle.❗DATO:ℹ¿Sabías que el mayor desafío del TANGRAM

TANGRAM🔽🔸🔺◾Didáctico/lúdico. Tipo Puzzle.❗DATO:ℹ¿Sabías que el mayor desafío del TANGRAM es volver a resolver el cuadrado


My inspiration for today’s craft came straight from the ‘junk pile’...One man’s junk is another crafter’s treasure!!!😜Happy Good Friday

Well I broke through my crafters pun intended 🤗***I've had these wood blocks for months and they came to life last night! Hand

TANGRAM🔽🔸🔺◾ ¡¡¡ listos para salir de cumple !!!.Didáctico/lúdico. Tipo Puzzle.❗DATO:ℹ¿Sabías que el mayor desafío del

🐝🖤💛Who else is obsessed with Bumblebees this Spring?!? I just can’t get enough of them! 🐝🖤💛Check out these adorable wood bees by


The top of Olivia’s set has 4 pairs of fairy wings! Each wing is different and the pair at the center come together to form a butterfly. When I was

This custom set was so fun to make! Miss Olivia will be here soon and her Mommy and Daddy have built her a beautiful nursery full of love, creativity

Birdhouseoil paint on canvas100 x 150

Vintage wood blocks are just perfect for this gorgeous birthday cake-smash session! How sweet is adorable Stella?


Step aside grey clouds, these babies have work to do!! 🌈🌤 Bursting with happy vibes, the new Natures Rainbows are a perfect addition to the

The pretend play is going strong this morning! I normally hate toys all over the place- but when they look like this, what’s to hate?_____________

True play is child-initiated and child-directed. It can occur on a blank playground. It can occur with a few tires. Children can play – and do play


Another piece I chalked over the weekend but wanted to add a finishing touch to. My 13yr old daughter chose the ribbon, she said it needed some bling

We introduced our #woodblocks to #boyWolverine and they are a big hit: knocking them down, picking them up, chewing on them, tossing them, etc. my

5 m o n t h s // It’s getting harder to capture this girl without getting some blurry photos in the mix! Legs kicking in the air, tongue sticking

How adorable are these lil world adventurer Nursery blocks to finish off these gorgeous spaces 🗺 🌍

With two more days left until spring break, I also feel like hitting my head against a wall.

TANGRAM - SouvenirDidáctico/lúdico. Tipo PuzzleMEDIDAS aproximadas: 12 x 12cm sobre base de cartón 7 piezas geométricas de madera de 9 o


🌳Натуральные деревянные домики - это и строительный материал и целый баварский район,все будет зависит от вашей фантазии✨🙌 ребёнок самостоятельно построит все то,что подсказывает ему воображение - дайте полет фантазиям!!!..В наборе 10 домиков в мешочке,размер от 5 до 11 см ...Для заказа писать в direct Ph @kate_speranskay #minsk #belarus #toys #wood #woodtoys #деревянныеигрушки #blocks #woodblocks #kids #baby #kidsroom #instagram #world #детскиеигрушки

Cows Cows Cows 🐮 Small $12.95 Medium $18.95 Only have these 2 available right now. Shop our newly stocked hand painted wood blocks.

New wood block paintings. We’ve been waiting on this for sometime now. These are uniquely painted not one is the same. Great gift idea for any

We love seeing all the different nursery themes everyone has. Check this adorable 🐼 theme 😊

The sweet & delicate Milk Maid Flowers.... captured in a glossy resin coated Woodblock ~ available in Medi & Mini sizes at @santinasstyle

.Cul de Sac Japon除了HIBA Deep Oil wood

This set of ten 1.5” wooden blocks create at least 60 different words. Choice of three colors. These would be a sweet Mother’s Day gift. $25.