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Just living is not enough...🌅One look for another.. 🌅... @himachal_pradesh_tourism.. #himachalpictures #himalayas #himachalpradeshtourism

One of my favorites! So, we are so grateful to all the new followers and attention we are getting!! 🙏🙏 We love you guys so much for following us

profond ... comme un tapis ~Oobert🥺

WINTERFLAME from Khans of Tarkir. Cute lil instant for your Izzet deck that's so popular nowadays. 🔥💧Follow the MTG Community: 👇 @mtg_combos

This story, and how it has come full circle over half a century, gives me chills.."He talked about being a nine-year-old boy, following my

6x ALOE VERA Organic Gels 6x 500 ml (total 3000 ml)100% handmade gel from the Aloe Barbadensis Miller leafDESCRIPTION:Our aloe vera organic gel

This view 💙 ..📸: @gabychavez86 ..“✨Eres el lugar donde vives. El lugar y el ambiente en donde vivimos tienen una influencia en cómo

You are gorgeous!! ! 😻 I can show you how to boost your self esteem - see comments below for the link 💪🏽 ••••• #sexonfidence

“I think that's what art is about: to provoke you. It helps me make sense of a senseless universe because I become the god of the story. I create it

“Prendimi le mani e basta. Baciami. Ti bacio

I had to share one more of this beautiful girl!! I’m sorry I can’t let you see her whole face, but you get the idea of how cute she is! ❤️

🚴My weekend morning fitness routine. 🌄🚴🌄Witnessing the glorious Sun rising from the horizon and the amazing landscape

Wish it were easier to meet IRL? Maybe you just need a #hyntt 🧩 No pictures and no profiles - just a hyntt 🧩 Check out the link in the bio for

POET BLESSED.I am so honored to find that my Art Director's wife Ana, has my poetry art displayed at her work for at risk youths to see. She does

'Movimenti funzionali costantemente variati....per farti morire aderendo al suolo ogni volta come fosse la prima!'💪🤣 #crossfit #crossfitgirl

Día 3. La costa peruana es un desierto. Tiempo atrás el océano cubría estas montañas y aún hoy se encuentran empapadas de sal. En sitios como

It has been a nice staycation for me and much needed family time. 2 months has been way to long 💕

Modro jezero. Imotski 🇭🇷 ••Vrlo blizu Imotskoga, uza sam rub grada, nalazi se Modro jezero. Modro jezero je jedno od najljepših krških

Crveno jezero. Imotski 🇭🇷 ••Blizu Imotskoga, 1,5 km sjeverozapadno od grada, nalazi se Crveno jezero i istinski je fenomen krša. Njegove