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"Dive into Space" #illustrationI thought the previous illustration would be the last one about Space. But I still can't get rid of Space in my mind.

Take me to the beach.

Alina (I)Desde que se ha acercado el verano, la verdad es que no he parado quieta. Volver a tener tiempo es una gozada, y debo confesar que he


Women in the Arts

A very important message on diversity and inclusion from leader with proven track record of success! #ultabeauty

Challenging dreadlocks !

So happy to have received my third (and probably final!) ‘Up and Coming Artist’ finalist certificate from the @finearttradeguild Awards 2019!

If you ask me which flowers are they I’ll tell you they are peonies. I love peonies for their shape and all those layers of petals. What would you

Colour & texture 👌♥︎ #⛩

As coloring pens, I may not be your favorite color and you may not like the colors of others, but we will need one day to complete the painting

T E S T I M O N Y T U E S D A Y...Come and see what the Lord has done. Live at 12pm....My desire is for the Lord to give me a tangible and


Caroline Feeney, is the CEO of Individual Solutions at Prudential Financial, Inc. She began her career in sales 25 years ago with the company.

I've been working on this for a few days. I'm definitely not done, but I like where it's going. I'm trying a different brush stroke and colors that


See you tomorrow! #Repost・・・Let us party tomorrow night! 🎉💯 7 years of ! June 26 from 7.30 pm at Kim Bar,

Substitute 2019 acrylic on canvas 80x50cmBall seriesSometimes in life not everything goes the way you had pictured it or planned. Sometimes it

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.- Andy WarholChange your view.... Find out how in bio link..

Jeneen Frei Njootli: my auntie bought all her skidoos with bead money. Currently on at @artgallburl [Until August 18]___ “Vuntut Gwitchin artist

>>>>> Come Quick Disaster - Artist Crit 2 - Will be on Sunday 7th July 3-5pm. We are excited to have @collagism & Marta Bakst as the next two artists

Moon gazing - working on her subtle features. I have a thing with women looking away from the viewer or women in rest. ............. #moon


Everyone looks up to someone. I saw a photo of a mentor (she’s guided me since I was in grade school) yesterday. At age 91, she was demonstrating

Artist: Fatima Kaleem @fatimakaleemkh_____________________________________To create a directory of female Pakistani artists and to promote the

"Dance to remember" #digitaldrawing made using Samsung's gallery editing feature, a photograph (detail of my #mixedmediapainting) and my index finger

Even on a busy day at the castle, the corner of queen Henrietta Maria is still calm. In the background of the bust hangs a calender table from 1640

There goes @brittanyjillphotography again, making me look like a model! Can’t even begin to tell you how cool she is. Check out her page!!!

Playing around with text! I saw a meme that said “seize the means, yeet the rich” so I decided to make a pretty little picture around it 💫

Just starting to be able to get back into my more strict schedule of creating. I am also trying out some things for process videos.🤓😀 🎶by

End of the #Earth?Available: #space #WomenInArt

Meditation Series - 3 (Another imaginary composition)‘TREES’I visualise every tree to be in an eternal meditative existence...Silence from



New art on the shop:⠀⠀Anita Klein⠀The Thank-you Flowers⠀Linocut⠀Image size: 45 x 65 cm, paper size: 55 x 73 cm⠀Edition of 50

If you attended the show then you know how incredible these people are! The dancing and storytelling were superb. 👌🏽Bravo to the original cast

Tahnee Lonsdale’s debut solo show at Dellasposa continues downstairs. ⚡️ •Colour is a material basis for Lonsdale’s conceptual framework.

2019 vs 2017

Day 85/100“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”4”x4” on canvas... #the100dayproject

...e ho capito che non siamo piccoli, se ci guardi da vicino... e che le stelle sono soli, sì, ma mica siamo soli noi


Preview of art that will be the fundraiser auction at the ArtConnect Summer Gala #artauction #fundraiser #Pam Stika #LeeLane #LukeAnderso