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Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (1984) [Secret Wars 1-12] Jim Shooter, Mike ZeckEl primer gran crossover de Marvel (despues de Contest of Champions

Infinity War 1 signed by #RonLim. From my PC. This was the first set I ever got signed in the early 90’s pre CGC SS. Awesome story >>Swipe for the

Logan, named after the X-Men character, Wolverine (whose real name is Logan in case anyone didn't know that 😆), got an awesome bowtie! Half

LOOKING FOR SERIOUS BUYER: FOR SALE.. Full run #uncanny #xmen for sale. 544 books in the run plus the -1a and b plus annuals and giants. This list is

Our first matchup of today’s is between #21 Black Panther and #44 Thanos! Like my comment for Black Panther, Like my comment for Black Panther. And

Our first matchup of today’s is between #19 Nightcrawler and #46 Dr. Manhattan! Like my comment for Nightcrawler, Like my comment for Dr. Manhattan

Venomized Alien vs Predator! Which one would win? ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️Artists: Alex

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.💢فیلم "کاپیتان مارول"، به طور رسمی فروش فیلم "wonder woman

Just leaving it here, if you don’t wanna like this post I’ll understand 😐... (No repost for 24 hours). ..... #chrishemsworth

New Avengers Endgame banner!!Cool how the Benatar ship is in the back.And for some reason Okoye and Hulk buster are on here. 🤔

Top Left Original Spider-Man No More. Top right, Marvel Zombies.Bottom Left Miles Morales.Bottom Right Gwen Stacey #dspyro #pyro #djangojr

Olha, só porque o #Wolverine é legal e pode curar e não pode ser quebrado facilmente, não significa que ele é invulnerável ou imparável! Já

💥💥2nd Chance RAFFLE💥💥--------------------------------------------------------------------8.5 Red Label CBCS Verified Amazing Spider-Man

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Get ready c2, it’s almost time to suit up! Thanks for following this build. More geeky goodness, artsy endeavors, and current projects located

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Ok you guys! Just choose one and hold onto it, also comment which moustache is best out of all 😂... (No repost for 24 hours). .....

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:::::::Wolverine::::::Quedé feliz con este pedido express porque lo hice sin patrón ! Feliz fin de semana para todos ✨🍁 #amigurumist

First day at my first @c2e2 and I’d definitely call it a good one. Superboy out ❤️