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Hola!.Hoy les comparto un Jimin cute! 😆.Espero les guste!.Este y más retratos de kpop los pueden ver en mi otra cuenta ---> @a.

This shapeshifter has all it’s feeler legs!! And check out what my studio floor looks like after hours of feeler making! Time to vacuum and painting


...and the very start of something new. Gesso and mixed media collage on board. Having fun! Yes, I am working on my kitchen table. #abstractart

Practicing closing my vessels by throwing some soap dispensers! Fun to play play play on Victoria day 😉

🧶🧁🌈🧁🧶It‘s getting more and more fun to crochet as the color changes

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to work on this #smoothoperatorsocks #wip!******************************************

We love this new cross stitch by #LienNguyen. Nguyen’s work often deals with bold & bright representations of animals & plants. We can’t wait to

Can barely tell theres 7 different "creams" used so far. The weather isnt ideal for a photo in natural light saddly #handembroidery

Woodcutter. More zbrush practice! Model based on a character by someone in pinterest. If you know the Artist who drew this buddy, let me know who he


i always knew i was the shit

so i’ve been painting. here are 10 picks from around 60. dm for price if interested.

Nice afternoon for a bike before these clouds turned thunderous, and am now back in studio figuring a non spiral shape for these custom grasshopper

Redwoods Summer Singles launch this Friday! 18 new songs coming at you all summer long!


Sorry I have been so inactive lately guys! I've been working hard on getting things ready for Anime North 2019! I leave Thursday morning and have all

Ah, sorry for the inactivity. I haven't finished anything yet but here's some wips and doodles. If got a speedpaint and a few trades in the works! I'

Work in progress photos of my take on Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2. I'm using @YayaHan koi fabric and iridescent scale in white with lace added to it

Needing a glossy coat... but couldn’t wait to share more butterfly results with flowers bursting behind it. More to come this week 🦋


This is the last #study I have ready for #clay. Which isn't to say it's the last one in the series, just the last paper study I had finished.Feeling

Writing and making money moves.Writers Corner: If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. It's up to you. #amwriting #writerslife

So for Walt Whitman’s 200th birthday I’m doing a face in the hole portrait for the beard competition in the park. I don’t think anyone can top

I'm finally coming back! I felt too upset at my own art lately to try and post something. But I'll try anyway, for the sake of it!.You already know

Felt inspired to paint this after being surrounded by a group of these incredibly calming and docile animals the other night before watching them run


The thing that lives in the corner of my mind 👁

I wish I still had this shirt 🐞

I’m convinced that this is the most beautiful place on the planet 🌎

Short flight home but plenty of time to do a quick lip study in ink 🖋


This trip to London has been restorative and memorable 🇬🇧 thank you, @yg.tattooing, for this perfect tattoo 🌼🌸🌼

Making friends and loving life in the boroughs 😻

Touristing hard today and completely unashamed 🗺 Coming to terms with my addiction to traveling by tube

Loving every second in London 🇬🇧 even the rainy ones

"A big belly,a lot of cellulite and stretch marks.And of course i deserve love!Your biggest attraction,your confidence" #draw #drawing #drawings