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An Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) soaring over the northern Everglades. These birds, also known as Snakebirds, Water Turkeys, or American Darters, are


Here’s another shot of the beautiful Broad-Banded Water Snake from yesterday. In my opinion, this species has some of the best coloration of any U.S

Rapper lil dickys fantastic new song gives great light on environmental issues ! Great job 😀 all earning from the song are going towards a charity

“They say that animals are incapable of feelings and reasoning. This is false. No living thing on earth is void of either. They also say that man is

Red Crossbill #your_best_birds #ladnerisawesome #pocket_birds #Best_birds #featured_wildlife #wild #wildlife #Wildlifephotography #nature.

The American Robins are going about their spring business at #greenwoodcemetery, a great place to learn about the birds and the bees (upcoming

Basking sharks take many years to mature and give birth. Because of this their population is dwindling. #facts #sharks #wildlife


Una vizcacha haciendo lo que más le gusta, descansar 😴 Lagidium Viscacia 👈🏻Ph: @andresvejarl 📸 #wildlifechile #wildlife #landacape

Spotted Owls live year-round in mature coniferous forests of western North America. Already an endangered species, these owls are projected to lose

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. 🐿 #WildLife 💕


Happy whitetail deer now that the snow is gone. #your_best_birds #ladnerisawesome #pocket_birds #Best_birds #featured_wildlife #wild #wildlife

Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris) a truly stunning bird that’s is unmatched in beauty, their French name “nonpareil” means not the same or


These adorable fun-loving little guys are likely the most mischievous bird you’ll ever meet, not to mention arguably the most intelligent. Known as

How I’m feeling after today’s brunch....Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) are large and in charge! They are very common throughout their habitat

🌺Le printemps est une saison magnifique de renaissance mais aussi de grands changements. Peut-être l'avez-vous remarqué dans vos vies ? Nous n'é

Spotted Harrier (Circus assimilis)

Got to test ride the new 2020 RAM 400 #badlandsnationalpark #badlands #southdakota #sodak #discoverblackhills #hifromsd #exploreamerica #findyourpark


En mi caminata de aventura esta semana, me tope con el hermoso espectáculo de un grupo de pavos reales, que al momento de acercarme regalaron un show

FRASER ISLAND 🌴 is getting scrutinised again. Another issue of wildlife conflicting with humans and I feel sick 🤢 every time I hear it on the

I could call it home... It's so cozy to me that I almost cry when I look at it. 🏕🏔 { 2018, My Photography. }

While digging in our garden today, we found 8 baby turtles still tucked tight in their shells and had the honor of helping them wake up and find the


Celebrate each day as a new beginning 💜Transylvanian spiral and dry, dry trailrunning... Yep, my clock know the struggle 😂 but we've got

The #CreoleNatureTrail in #Cameron, #Louisiana #CajunCountry #Cajun #Bayou #Swamp #LouisianaOutback #Flora #Fauna #Gator #AmericanAlligator

Nutria Bianca 👌🐭(un po' sporchina quindi quasi grigia..) 😂

Nutria 🐭