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Control chicha control😂😂😆..🙈🙈💖💖 🔜more amazing post nd love shayari so plz follow . @ishq__mubarak26 . @ishq__mubarak26.

Punya anak dua,,istri satu.selalu akur gak pernah berantem.anak yang pertama gak pernah berantem sama kakaknya,dan anak yang kedua apalagi gak pernah

Anna Lena 😍Ich liebe dieses Bild von der unbeschreiblich schönen Anna Lena sehr!Model | @anna.bousFotografie | @markushoppephotography


As the time goes by and the closer we get! I’m all the more excited about being this year host for Sista Chat 2019 with Lady B and


As I approach the end of this 80 day program I realize I am approaching the weight and measurements I was when I was just 15. Even my skinny pants are


Вчера был очень насыщенный день🎂. К нам в гости приходила @irina_lou_photographer

One thing I love about Dakota is his sense of adventure and his love for vacations! ..One interesting thing about marriage is navigating through our


Uważaj z kim dzielisz swoje problemy, pamiętaj, że nie każdy kto się uśmiecha, jest Twoim przyjacielem❤💘💍 @mvxyzz #wife #bff❤️

Hard day today but siblings do make the best of friends.. Rest in peace Nanny Avis, I know you’ll always be shining down on us all 😘 😘

Unsere Emotion an unserem schönsten Tag war einfach nur pures Glück 😍Danke @photonikpictures dass du auch unsere besonders emotionalen Momente

The other night my wife stayed up most of the night making this for me. She really described me well in her beautiful words. This really touched my


Idag är de ingen vanlig dag, idag är de min älskade hustrus födelsedag ❤️Sedan förra året har du blivit min hustru, vi har blivit med hund

While were talking @megababe, I’ll go ahead and share the product that made me fall in love with this company several weeks ago. The DEO! I just

Being submissive does not make you the weaker person or a subordinate. It is a sign of strength! It takes a strong woman/man in their heart/ soul to

It seems like just yesterday. That day was a dream come true and it’s been a fairytale ever since. Life is so much fun and easy with you!.Happy


Killian has his first backpack, I'm now the proud mama of a toddler on a leash 🤣🤣🤣 We made it to Nana and Grandpa's house! #skiphop #carters

“Nevertheless she persisted” Sometimes God has a simple way of reminding you how strong you are. That no matter what life throws at you, you can

. .هوای دو نفره ،نه ابر میخواهد ، نه باران ، نه یک بعد از ظهر پاییزی کافیست حواسمان بهم باشد ...همین !!!..انتخاب عکس ها از گالری و برداشت شده ! شما میتوانید اینجا باشید !.⁦👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨⁩ همسرم همسفرم 🚒 . #ایران #قله #دماوند #کوهستان #کوهنورد #کوهنوردی #طبیعت #همنورد #دوستی #همسر #عشق #طبیعتگردی #سوادکوه #آبشار #دوستان #کمپ #فالو #فالوبک #هوای-پاک.Random Selection Pictures. You should be here ! #Hello #wife #mountains #follow4follow #you #love #friend #instagood #view #hiking #nature


No one makes me laugh like this but you 🧀 @jlopez627_ 💍

Working on Hannah & Sam’s today and it’s just AMAZING 😍

You guys. I didn’t even know other women had chafing issues... because nobody talks about it! Chafing can happen on your thighs, under your arms,

LOVED this carved box at Hannahs parent’s house, perfect for the ring shot 💍