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This may have been one of the most beautiful places we visited on this trip: Bonaventure Cemetery. It is interesting to walk through and look at the

I wasn't exactly planning on reading this book, but I'm glad I did. The subject matter is something very important that needs to be discussed and

What we saw: The falls turning from bright yellow to pale orange, then the color disappearing. A few seconds later, the last of the sun rays peeked

📚Наша новинка «Не нужно молчать» - это дебютный роман Аарона Хартцлера, ставший хитом среди читателей и критиков.⠀💬Kirkus Reviews назвал книгу «Пронзительной историей предательства, разыгранной как по нотам».⠀📕Эта книга об отношениях и о сложном выборе, с которым может столкнуться каждый. Остаться равнодушным невозможно.⠀Драма «Не нужно молчать» поступит в продажу уже на следующей неделе.⠀❓Читаете такие истории? Что по-вашему залог успешной драмы? Расскажите в комментариях 🔽⠀ #trendbooks_mini #whatwesaw #ненужномолчать #ааронхартцлер #книжныеновинки #книги #bookstagram #books #new #bookrelease

One of the best books i've ever read. Perfectly written and a very heart-wrenching story. Trigger warning: Rape Kate Weston can piece together most

#howlermonkey They are everywhere here in #playaguiones - And for their size (like a small to medium sized dog) they make the most incredible sound.

A good book should always stand up to two readings. The first time you are taken along by the narrative, fully in the hands of the writer. The second

The waterfall of Retzakas that we eventually found yesterday. It's modest in size, about 15m high. That makes it the highest fall in the Kissamos

"OUR VISION" #whatwesaw.."To see an independent community of people living beyond the expected life of a dancer" - Access Dance Community ADC..

These curious clay mounds known as Komolithi or Komolithoi, are a geological marvel. They nestle very closely to the village of Potamida, the location

We see all kinds of critters on our walks

What'd We See Wednesday: Yep, these shoes artfully displayed in a client's home. Why you ask? Oh I'll tell you... But I'd love to hear your guesses


Even through the holidays, our staff was on the road. Lots of stops and visited with members across the state. Check out our highlights and keep an

As the moon rises and the sun sets, a few scenes from Alumni Walk and the historic Quad, glimpsed between 4:16 and 4:19 p.m. (Phyllis Graber Jensen/

I’ve wanted to read this book for a while and it didn’t disappoint. What a heartbreaking and powerful novel!ABOUT THE BOOK:Kate Weston can

On a daily basis, at regular times, water is released from the #aratiatiadam What starts as this beautiful turquoise pool nestled in the rocks,

The installation at the entrance of this magnificent building!! Time travel at its best and a must visit if in Belfast!! ... #livingmybestlife

The mother of all kauri trees! Awe inspiring!!! Can you see my husband standing around 30-40 feet in front of her! Once part of massive kauri forests

Northern lights X Shooting Star. What would you wish for?

Petit bijou incongru trouvé au cœur du Vieux Lyon que ce musée des Miniatures et décors de Cinema ! Dans cet ancien hôtel particulier tout en