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267.9 lbs. THAT'S OVER 50 LBS LOST SINCE MARCH, 2019!.Setting goals is simple. Setting goals the right way is hard. The trick is, not to set the


Oh hey, I threw together some random shit and it turned out delicious. Turkey meatballs, broccoli, cauliflower, and @ghughessugarfree teriyaki

Have you tried diet after diet and no matter how hard you try, you can't lose the weight? Its not your fault! The fault lies in your head! Stress and

// DINNER : Single serving of salad consisting of a spinach and spring mix, shaved 🥕’s, red onion, 🍓’s , feta cheese, and a Caesar


@troyshred: 5 Lower Ab Exercises That Give You Visible Lower AbsP90X: PlyometricsMan oh Man! The Original X is still where it's at! Let me tell you

Last one for Transformation Tuesday!! Top pic was taken in October 2018🤮, the bottom pic was taken Mother's Day 2019🙈, video was taken this

One Punch Man Workout Day 5: I am posting this as I finish the last of my 10km by marching in place. Trying to finish everything up before I go to

When your mom knows you like to drink Bang and finds 12 packs of them while she's out of town - you receive pictures of everything she's bringing back

Checked my ketones today and was at 0.6, and forgot a pic Oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️ Cravings are slowly going away so that’s good #keto #ketoish

So this is my total lost since my highest weight which was March of 2018. It’s taken me over a year to lose that car tire, but I can’t wait to

⚡TODAY IS THE DAY!⚡⁣ ⁣VIP access for Morning Meltdown 💯 is OFFICIALLY available for purchase! 🥳Not only is it $20 your pack for the

After a very long and tiring I was craving some comfort food!! So I had vermicelli (1 cup for 5SP), 96/4% Ground beef with tomato sauce all jazzed up

@firstinnutrition co-founder, bagel lover, beach runner, Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner, and occasional barbell bender @xjamathonx shows how he

Survived my first day back to the gym in weeks 💪🏻 for some reason I thought it was a good idea to start back with some spin 😅 but it was


Hi Loves!!! If you’re ready to finally get to the next level in life and in business I can show you how!  Especially if you want to make more money

dinner: leftovers @mariaemmerich protein lasagna.still blown away on how good this is and just like regular lasagna, it's even better the next day.

After training all day, it’s time for a quick car dinner before I go teach a lesson. @wawa Cobb Salad to the rescue tonight for 15sp. I’m totally

A different kind of transformation! ✨Im posting after a lot of debate! 💪I believe is important to acknowledge the way skins look. It is

Moving on from my mood with an easy skillet pizza and raos marinara. I won’t even eat 1/3 of the marinara. I just got too excited pouring it.

YOU ALREADY KNOW! #CLEANSEDAYWEDNESDAY is in full swing! Who else is cleansing? BTW whyyyyyy is there always a rush toward the end of winter to

Something I wish I was able to get rid of with weight loss is headaches and migraines. After gastric I wont be able to use excedrin for a very long


Tuesday done! Eggs and turkey sausage - leftover steak with mushrooms and onions - Shrimp Cobb salad. Soooo good and satisfying 😍 Leg Day at the

SUCH a good dinner tonight!! 🤤🤤 We made Michelle's Baked Potatoes with Chicken, Broccoli, and Cheese @verymichelly and paired them with

Dinner Dinner!!! My mom makes the best “Southwest Chicken” stew/soup/dip thing. It’s got salsa, corn, black beans, cream cheese and spicy ranch

If you think I ONLY workout to look good in short shorts and bikinis you are wrong....⠀⠀While that is nice 😏 it goes WAY deeper than that

Breakfast- Egg and cheese sandwichSnack- Quest barLunch- Superfoods shake (blended with frozen berries)Dinner- Air fryer pork chops, baked beans,

Transformation Tuesday is my favourite. I get to see posts from a lot of fitness accounts I follow. The before and afters are a huge motivator for me


Hot diggity damn. I am fulfilled. Delicious 10 minute dinner 😍 Fried Cajun sausage w/ onions plus side of mustard (southwest and guldens), greens

Dinner is done! We are having Pork meat, onions & bell peppers. The sides are Spinach sauteed in evoo, garlic, salt & pepper and zucchini cooked with

This is me. After day 3 of my reset. No filter, no edits. This is all of me. Yes I turn red when during/after hard workouts.-LETS TALK RESET: “

Just a few back exercises and some cardio today, thank you to @demarco.crum and ShredJym for my shrinking physique!!! 🖤🖤🖤 #me #selfie

I’m ready to excite my heart rate & burn 🔥 some energy! Let’s do this 🙌🏽😁•••••••• #keto #ketolicious

I'm commiting! Committing to 💯 days of heart pumping, total badassery (yea, i made up that word so what) 😂 Are you going to commit to a 💯 day

Accountability is the glue that ties COMMITMENT to RESULTS✅I want to build a support system💪🏾I truly believe that having an accountability


Delicious salad after my jogwalk. I’m trying to run more each time and so far it’s working. Today I finished my first mile in 13:56 and I know

My co-workers handled a rough day by going to the bar. I went to my favorite "bar." Great training session today. Glad I went. #goals #fitnessjourney

I’m a work in progress. I’m working on myself one step at a time. Picture on the left was Cancun May 2017. Picture on the right was July 2019.

Feeling a bit to "Shouldery" in this top now 🤔💪🏻✨

Today’s the day!A year ago I gave myself the 🎁 of my health back when I bought this at home workout program. I didn’t know it would change my

There will be doubters, there will be haters...then there will be you...proving them all wrong!•My journey is far from over and has been

Fixate tacos for dinner. The family had crunch wraps and I went with a taco bowl. I added a little salsa to finish it off. Super yummy

At the end of the day, what really matters is that your loved ones are well, you’ve done your best, and you’re thankful for what you have ❤️

Day 102 daily mile walk..keep move is simple enjoy it. Slow and steady boss.. Duet pun jalan.. ON❌ON.. Solo ON..


#transformationtuesday - I am so excited with how far I have come. My body is changing in so many ways. Thanks to my amazing trainer @repsfitnesspt! I

Just felt cute AF in my @inthismomentofficial tee with some snake print leggings. Threw on a snake necklace too because I'm next level extra 😂

I’m already ready to walk into the weekend like .....but I just realized it’s not even mid week yet. Btw I know my body has its love handles and

Because we've all been down the rabbit hole that is Instagram Fitness Videos, here's a quick challenge I saw yesterday..It's ridiculous how bad my

Tonight it is schnitzel curried pumpkin mash and salad. I do enjoy a bit of schnitzel now and then, but for me tonight the star on the plate is the