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HI everyone. Please follow me on @ashlee_susan_70 as this lovely page will be closing in a few hours. Got to much separating all my journeys (life,


Love our little dinner dates. He keeps it healthy and classy with grilled salmon, baked Cajun shrimp and crap cakes. Meanwhile I’m over here with a

After last weeks gain, I lost that plus 0.2 pounds. My weight loss has definitely slowed. Not sure why but I’m just going to keep trying my best

12km hike this morning w my 8month old puppy Miss Mable. I love my progression. My cardio was great jogged some parts. This hike was 700m elevation


Working on building a following on here. I post cat pics, keto and healthy food finds, fitness stuff, skating, and family stuff. I am so excited about

🎉🎉🎉 whoop whoop! Officially down 33lbs now! 💪🏻 The weather is getting warmer, and I am feelin even more motivated to stay fit ☀️

Back on plan 100% from tomorrow, it was my wedding reception and holiday with the family last 3 weeks which accounts for the gain, but it needs to

I have eaten a truck load of chocolate today, as I should without guilt. To balance it out, here’s my lunch. I’m not a cook, we all know that


Wild and free💜

Cheers to the girl that really didn’t want to workout at all this week but got her ass out of bed and just did it anyway. 👏🏻🌈


10lbs down 😍

I actually did my makeup today so have a selfie. I don't always look like hot trash like my comparison photos may lead you to believe 😂 #keto

Happy Easter! Most Easters I gorge myself on chocolate until I'm in a chocolate coma. Then I feel guilty and start a diet on Easter Monday. This

1. 2016 - I don’t have any full body pictures of myself at my highest weight (253 lbs) but this is pretty close. I weighed 235 lbs here and I had

Today as I put these shorts on I reminded myself that I am still working on reaching my goals, and I need to be confident on where I currently am on

I beaten my old record and set new awesome record. Ooooops, Finally I got the Olympian Sandal Badge of Fitbit. 100000 fucking steps just in a day!!!


I wish I could have added beans and some corn (so basically regular chili 😅)But this will have to do. craving ✔ #tryingtoloseweightagain

This was me 2 years ago...April 2017 when I just started working out at home and was staking a video of my form... Uhmmm ..I can do hard things

Bought an extra carton of eggs to decorate for the perfect #0sp snack. Even saved some color tabs to keep my hard boiled eggs pretty for the next few

Dinner is served! Double decker veggie burger with havarati cheese, sauteed red onions, garlic and truffle mustard. Paired with homemade loaded

💪wanna LOSE 8 POUNDS in 2 WEEKS ??💪👆👆Link ON BIO👆👆.Transformation by @cut.the.fat @rosemarie_fit... #bodybuilding

Fathead pizza dough for dinner! I FINALLY made a dough that was crisp and strong! Held up like a normal dough 😍😍 I used @keto.copy’s fathead


Sometimes it can be embarrassing starting over again. Get over it. No one is looking at you. Get what’s yours. ⚡️....... #keto #ketodiet

It's been a day. My dog refused to leave the dog park or get in the car, stores were a zoo and I'm running on fumes. Got in some Transform 20 Balance

Good Morning 😘 #throwback sunday dulu bentrSebelum ngerjain kerjaan yg uda numpuk hari ini 😆Happy Sunday and Happy Easter 😍😘 MakeUp by

Flawless Flexibility🔥💓 #fitnessmotivation ••Video Credit: @yaslenxoxo••🛍Shop🛍••➡️Follow

Chicken Alfredo #fatheadpizza for dinner! 🍕🍕🍕 I used Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, sauteed mushrooms, and spinach. I cooked the crust until

Day 5 and 191.6 pounds..I can't tell you the last time I made it 5 days in a row! I know it's been well over a month. My weight is hovering between

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Growth is uncomfortable, so is remain the same🌱🏋🏻‍♀️ ••Its all about angles and booty pumps because with this weight loss ya girl


Snacks from today. I didn't get a picture of my meals and didnt eat well at all. Breakfast was my egg muffins, lunch was a veggie burger in flatout

Sweet potato “toast” with avocado, scrambled eggs, tomatoes off the vine. Salt + pepper + cayenne 😍 #arbonne30 Day 20!! Feeling goooooooood

I did this for lunch. Just shrimp, butter, garlic and lemon. I didn’t love it. In fact I brushed my teeth as soon as I was done because I just get

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“Have no fear! The champion of Sunridge Goodlife is here!!! (Physique’s on point if you can still see definition in a blurry pic 😂)

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Picked up another bottle of @bragglivefoodproducts apple cider vinegar this morning..looking forward to some refreshing drinks and tasty salads soon!

Don’t mind me... I’m just over here changing my life 💁🏼‍♀️ I’ve lost weight before in a very quick and unhealthy way. This time

Felicidade é um agora que não tem pressa nenhuma 🍃

Ne yapmak istiyorsun?Ne olmak istiyorsun?Nelere sahip olmak istiyorsun?Hayalin ne tam olarak bilmiyorum tek bildiğim şey zamanını boş işlerle