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Mastering the art of observing...even at bath time 🛀🏼

Monday got eben better thanks to @canadapooch 🙌🏻GREATFUL BAM👊🏻💫🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅Go checkout @canadapooch

Can someone please push my chair in?? 🍽🍷


Dis my friend, Chip. He puts up with most of my shenanigans. He lives down the road from me, and I think he protects the other half of the

Obi-wan Timobi. Reporting for Monday. ....📸 : @lukraine


My daily soap🎞 live-stream‼️📺 #raccoon 🦝 & #fox 🦊eating the #hedgehog’s 🦔 food at a rainy ☔️ summer evening 🌙

Smile 😊

Giving MaMa my dirty glare during Raptors double over time! It's QUIET hour hooman!! 😡😡😡.......... #dog #puppy #Pomeranian #cute

Here’s me after leaving the lovely foster home who raised me for 8 weeks! My humans were so excited to be able to take me home and give me love. I

If you are looking for some motivation to start the week, here it is: my happy face 😒😒😒——————————————-Se você

Did you know today is National Rescue Dog Day?! This is Rowen, a 1 year old dapper boy who loves long walks, stopping to smell the flowers, and

I’m taking away Althea’s reproductive rights this week... so if anyone has any suggestions for me, I’m all ears? #althea #spayday

.A cut from the photo of the mother of one of the rug weavers.A Tabriz rug / carpet is a type in the general category of Persian carpets from the


Ask me how I got through this dreary Monday and I'll tell you with peanut butter and bling 😎⋆⋆Keep that head of yours held high and make

☆ Is it even Monday without some Miltons ☆Brighten up your Monday with a little @shopmiltons shopping and use my code ✖️JOVI10✖️to save

Gota get them #yoga sessions in

It's raining⛈


I’ve always admired the people who make their own dog food. You can control what’s in it + make sure they’re getting everything they need that

Little kitty cat in the big big world 😻💗

It’s the queen’s birthday here in Canada 🇨🇦 So here is my presence.. oops I mean present* 😂 #victoriaday #longweekend.... #poodle


The ultimate Vancouver photo - dogs on the tide flats with the city in the background! 🏙From all our photos you probably wouldn’t have guessed


“I don’t recall being called a nosy neighbor.” 😬 #truthhurts -G

ROBBIE NEEDS A HOSPICE FOSTER!Robbie is so sweet and has so much love 💜 to give, but right now he needs someone to love HIM! He has been in the

FINALLLY! a ☀️ #bicycleday! this is what i’m talkin’ bout!!! get out there and live some life! *safety 1st! always wear a helmet

Cozy nest for cats

We are working on a new design for our cat scratcher, stay tuned...

“I wish it was a 3 day weekend”...said every hooman going to work. Enjoy the grind, I’ll be right here recovering from another awesome weekend.


Life is better with a cat

Working progress

Tuna sleeps with me every night. Waking up has been one of my favorites because of his cute little face 💕

Bored 😪


Happy #Pokémon Day!!My favorite Pokémon is Pachirisu 😊 What’s yours?

FUN FACT: Tuna is super clingy!

He’s so cute 💕