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A whole new world✨로이드 X



A whole new world✨로이드 X

Sonríe bebé sonríe ♥️


••Louboutin•• ————————————————————————DM me with photo by clicking the link in bio , if

Ball Watch #tritium gas tube #lumeshot, always impressive with different colors of lume that don't require an external light source to charge. The


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Day date complications are the most unforgiving - they always call you out for latergraming.Yes this photo was taken on Monday...... #iwc

Today I wore the @steinhart_watches_official Ocean GMT 39. There’s just something special about a well-made 20-16 bracelet. Very comfortable.

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I love how some people are using Billie for likes or followers or whatever and calling themselves a “fan”. Bitch, go trip over a knife

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Today we are taking a break from the Cannes red carpet glamour, and coming down to the red clay courts of Roland Garros. Besides, we are not only

ahhh 😂


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It gets endlessly swung around, battered and bumped everyday but relentlessly keeps on going. The @gshock_uk watch is key kit for every sports coach


Despite the insane complexity in the world, and a rather harrowing day, sometimes it’s nice to view things in black and white. In this case, I’m

Opulence meets tradition with this impeccably hand-crafted watch featuring a stainless steel case, scratch-resistant sapphire coated glass, an

The sun has gone down, and the moon has gone up.


Hạnh phúc của mỗi người đều có những thước đo và định nghĩa chẳng giống nhau, nhưng mình tin rằng hạnh phúc chính

Everytime the light gains on the horizon, I realize the darkness has an end. Vice versa🤷🏾‍♂️ how ever you take it

Simple control, but in my own assessment, I think it's great to start my day watching it

I refuse to let the perception of others to lead me to live outside of who I really am, neither should you❗️-------------------------------