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I just wanted to share my ‘why’ - the reason why I am participating in #themay50k and why raising funds for #msresearch is so important to me. It

By far the toughest part of the walk was this section of rocks. For us humans it was quite fun but challenging for a non mountain dog like cookie

Día 3 en Marruecos. Rabat.Nos hemos pasado el día caminando por Rabat! Es increíble como dentro de una ciudad super moderna, existe otra ciudad


When I get home, I'm gunna clean up my houseWhen I get home, I'm gunna kick out that mouseWhen I get home, I'm gunna put things in orderBut right

Another walk/run in the books. I know the track is boring for most people and even me sometimes, but I can listen to my audiobooks without worrying


Taking a break to reload the sunscreen, hydrate, and find the will to not die in the prettiest hell I've walked in a while. Lol. Wish I had socks for

Waiting for my 5am train home 😯🚂

ダイヤモンドプリンセスの総料理長とパチリ✨・厨房見学ツアーのラストに(^^)・彼はイタリア人です🇮🇹・クッキングショーも楽しかった!!・ティラミスって、ああやって出来てるんだね〜!!!!・ #ダイヤモンドプリンセス号 #クルーズ旅行 #船旅 #イタリアン #豊川月乃 #美容家 #作家 #モデル #モデルアンドビューティースクールセンス #ウォーキングレッスン #顔筋体操 #舞踊家 #日本舞踊 #ライフコーチ桂 #コーチング #メンタルヘルス #自己啓発 #model #walking #lesson #beauty


From the colonial streets to the historic buildings to the galleries, art is celebrated everywhere in San Miguel; it's not surprising the best artists

🌅sunset from the sky

Never chase anyone. A person who appreciates you will walk with you.

Home time 😴



Palais Royale Koninklijk Paleis. We were spending our last hours in the city walking around and we meet this gorgeous building after walking at the

Comethru.I might lose my mindWalking when the sun's downRiding all these highsWaitingbfor the comedownWalk these streets with meI'm doing


Que feliz por las PERSONAS tan hermosas que Pones en mi.camino😍😍😍

Last beach day 🏖


2 🥵 4 a 🌅 🚶 today.. but I’ve got plenty of pics to work with.. think cool thoughts 🤔 🥶 💭 florida #jacksonville #mmj #mmjpatient


Life is too short to merely wonder what that might feel like.


Lo logramos llegamos a Zipacon sanos y mas que salvos felices y contentos por ese camino tan pero tan hermoso 😍😍Los caminos d herradura son

Bush walks

Amalia and I walked from Santa Monica to Venice Beach and my feet hurt so bad we had to Uber back to the car😢 #Venice #cool #art #epic #weird


.Birbirinizi seviniz.Bu sözü, kuru bir ağaca söylesen çiçek açar;insana söylüyorsun açmıyor.🤷🏼‍♀️🌸🌸🌸

Colorado can’t make up it’s mind but hey, I love it 😂❄️“If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there.”- Alice