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Hashtag waiting on Instagram


Itfeels special when someone introduces you to others as his "the only one"... #waiting #tiktok #foryoupage🐼🖤👑


How often do you cheat your diet? Comment the answer below. Me? follow @wheretoseeyou 👈🔥🔥👉...It isn't really cheating. It's just a

Spring is here but I am not, not emotionally at least, so a Christmas themed picture/poem felt appropriate. “In anticipation of joyous days,I wait

Another appointment. New meds, again. #waiting

Day dreaming about our 🏡 and living in it! Waiting on our land to title,🤞🏻this happens in the next week or two....A&S 🏡⏳🔜

Anyone else notice stuff like this? Lol or is it just me? Just a part of the handrail near one of rides we were waiting to get on. #weld #steel #tig



Bird’s as scruffy and tough as these shoes. She’s my white, sometimes brown, furry angel. Lord, please let her be ok. #waiting #goodnews

Had to take husband to emergency room for stitches. He had his jointer blades sharpened and he was putting them on. The wrench slipped and a slice

Miss the gym, the body pump classes and that body so badly👆🏋️‍♀️😭Hope that I'll be able to go back to all of that soon🙏


I don’t know about that one boy 😂••Follow us for more @christian.memes.official @christian.memes.official @christian.memes.official

Dear future ibf, I know we haven't met yet but when we do ill know straight away that I've found you. We'll laugh and cry together but thorough all

🎡 You can wait for your turn or give up of your ride... but never for a question of time... always for a question of choice! ⚖️


Being able to walk around a location and just find all the beauty is one of my favorite things. Being able to capture a beautiful momma is another one

Earlier this week checking on fruit

I don’t know if I’d ever been able to live without electricity 😱 We lose electricity for a few hours and we’re freaking out!! #noelectricity


I would of been in Canberra by now but no we have to stop for breakfast. And toilet and shops and stretch and so on and so on. 😳 #eating #waiting


Desperately waiting for your exciting project 😍😍but I think it’s your English songs that you are composing or maybe it’s another Bollywood

(January 6-24, 2017) I spent 18 days on the Neurology floor, and as I waited I still got some PT from rounding therapists. My doctors basically used

Surfing definitely teaches patience. Most of surfing is waiting...waiting for a swell, waiting for a set, waiting for your turn in the line up,

What tool is better than you own hand? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #waiting

I fixed my grandfather's old Minolta Maxxum 7000 and have been giving it a whirl around the city. I'm currently in love with it.••• #35mm

Flashback: On a cold February day, Otis decided to visit the little girl next door. The girl's father snapped this pic before letting him in to play