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🎶 First things first, I'm the realest. Drop this and let the whole world feel it. 🎶⠀⠀Sing it with me! 🎶 I’M SO FANCY YOU ALREADY KNOW

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day

"Kita tak akan mungkin lupa rasa pahit secangkir kopi, seperti halnya cinta yg tak pernah lupa bagaimana rasanya dilukai."

They Look, But Never See...

TMZ exclusive asked Muhammad Fachrian about his new album and he said “I don’t even know!” And he continued “Just wait.” The single of his

the color in fall photos gets me every time. also, the sweetest hug of all time. it's a joy to assist

“ I’ve fallen in love many times…always with you.”.Photographed by Fredy @fredy_newyorkart Gown : @newyorkartbridalMUA : @shelyhung.

It'S pointless to be cool, you want to look happy and you think you find everything you want in big cities. Try to do it at your home, in your little

Mondays are for mornings meant to be spent in bed + construction induced fire alarms, for textured grey jumpsuits + spontaneous dinner dates with my

Sometimes you just gotta get away.

Una fotico llegando del trabajo más reventado que globo en fiesta de carajito☺ P.D. Ya sacamos los sweaters del closet porque empezó a llegar el

Cần 1 cái đầu lạnh 👩🏻‍💼

How u look so perfect on ur worst days 💁🏻‍♀️

stoned?..or just high on life?🙂☀️💛

You keep my hand around your neck, we connect, are you feeling it now? 🖤



“ Hay tres cosas en la vida que nunca debes perder: tu sonrisa, tu alegría y tu forma de ser”. 👼🏻🍒⚡️ #summer #style #likeforlikes

what’s even the point of having heart shaped sunglasses if you aren’t pulling over to take photos through them.......... #photo

bike, bike, and more bike

a story of three saintly flowers

luminous, my dear

in a day of love, a light came through

apocalypse above the soaring piece of satin

Sea walker...kedalaman 6 m di dalam laut dan berat helm 10 kg📸

Life is way to short for bad vibes. I took this photo while on a 7 day cruise for my senior spring break trip in high school. On the cruise we docked

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow 🌟

Usually if I see a bee I’m running but I couldn’t resist taking a picture. In all honesty I really didn’t even notice the bee until I had my

This is my favorite shot I got at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. I’m not a big fan of the color pink but these flowers really