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If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. –Vincent Van Gogh


Tattoo Design : Van Gogh 2019.

The Yellow Bedroom: Van Gogh painted his first Bedroom just after moving into his beloved “Yellow House”—the first place that truly felt like

“Sueño con pintar y luego pinto mis sueños.”

我喜愛這幅原因是它代表著一份生命的誕生👶🏼、一份親情上的真摯👨‍❤️‍👨、一個美麗的祝福👪 《枝上杏花開》這幅畫是梵谷送給剛出生的侄子小文森特(弟弟提奧的兒子)的受洗禮物。梵谷的弟弟生了一個小男孩,給他取得名字是vicent,梵谷非常的高興,這幅畫就是那個時候為了小侄子畫的。Source: #枝上的杏花 #梵高 #追光者 #vincentvangogh #華潤大廈藝術中心美術館


Swirling lines in London sky over Big Ben. ❤ Alex is staying so focus and mindful today because he wants to get the sky right for Mary Poppins to

Visitors walk toward a projection during an immersive exhibition about Vincent van Gogh in Beijing on June 25.⁠⁠The showed, titled "Fantasy of


"You're not illustrating who you think van Gogh is; you're communing (with) his memory and what he's left behind..." Willem Dafoe.. #ateternitysgate

Paint me a picture so deep and bright,With your blues, and blacks, and even your whites,I wanna see your starry starry night, I wanna hold you in


Day at the museum! Some of my favorite pieces from Vincent Van HUH! #vincentvangogh

Legend says if you boop his nose he will lead the way to a pot of gold ✨

Despite knowing They won't be here for longThey still choose to live Their brightest lives ___________________________<>>>>>><<<_______________

That’s gonna be heaven on earth 🥰

Irises Vincent van Gogh(1853~1890)Irises(detail)Saint-Rémy, May 1890Oil on canvas, 92 * 74 cmVan Gogh Museum Amsterdam

“A bursting sunflower of a movie. Channels the light, the evanescent glow of Van Gogh’s painting & being, like lightning in a bottle.” ( @variety


The Starry Night, Van GoghThe Starry Night is an oil on canvas by the Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. Painted in June 1889, it

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.For they could not love youBut still your love was trueAnd when no hope was left in sightOn that starry, starry nightYou took your life, as

Van Goat camp I am with elementary campers finishing coop frames ,” Camille and the sunflowers 🌻 “ Van Gogh story They were very excited to


#ความปั่นป่วนเดือนมิถุนายน พ.ศ. 2432

”If we had got married our kids would have had very very red hair...The ultimate ging. Brighter than sunflowers.” ~Amy Pond🌻 🌻🌻Any

モネにルノワールにセザンヌに、会う🖼「工事のある町(アンリ・ルソー)」、「サン=ジェルマンの森の中で(クロード・モネ)」、中でも感じるものがあった #印象派 #PabloPicasso #VincentvanGogh #MarcChagall #ClaudeMonet #Pierre-AugusteRenoir #AlfredSisley #CamillePissarro #吉野石膏コレクション #兵庫県立美術館 #印象派からその先へ

.Melting into your master piece.🎨