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"Bugün Van Gogh, ona yemek vermeyecek restoranların duvarlarını, onu akıl hastanesine kapatacak doktorların muayenehanelerini ve onu hapse tıkt

Spesso penso che la notte sia più viva e più riccamente colorata del giorno #vincentvangogh... Foto @pinterest


| Д О Р О Г О Й Т Е О | ...Each night, Vicent put pen to paper and poured out his heart through letter to his brother Theo....Van

Sueño con pintar y luego pinto mis sueños ✨🎨 Acrilico sobre lienzo 🎨Mis dos cosas favoritas en la vida Vangogh y El Principito ❤️


Burn my soul in the fires of hell, wash my sins with the burning flames. "I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the

"C’est bien d’aimer le plus possible, car c’est là que réside la vraie force et celui qui aime faire de grandes choses." #vincentvangogh

Musèe d'Orsay Paris

💖🌻Van gogh .لن ينتهي البؤس ابدا وداعا يا ثيو سأغادر نحو الربيع The misery will never end. Goodbye,

El mestre #vincentvangogh va pintar prop de 900 obres i 1.600 dibuixos. @mireiafons2 i jo ens quedem amb el quadre els “Lliris” sense cap mena de


Now I understand what you tried to say to me,And how you suffered for your sanity!How you tried to set them free They would not listen, they did

Цветущие ветки миндаляХудожник написал эту картину зимой где-то 1890

I am so happy for these two!!They're gonna be such amazing parents, the universe put two soulmates together and now they are building a family.I can

한시간밖에못봣지만 마지막 미술관이 언제인지모를정도로 오랜만에 미술관 #newyork #moma 아는 화가는 #vincentvangogh

Got bored and painted a stone, quite happy considering I haven't painted in about 2 or 3 years :)


Som človek náruživý, schopný popáchať hlúposti. Hovorím a konám nerozvážne, aj keby bolo lepšie trpezlivo čakať. Mám sa preto pokalda

This Salavat Fidai painting arrived almost 4 years ago. His oil on matchbox expression of Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic Cafe Terrace at Night is one of


فينسنت فيليم فان غوخ (بالهولندية: Vincent Willem van Gogh (30 مارس 1853 - 29 يوليو 1890

#Repost @historiadelart• • • • •"Flatness at Auvers" (1890) by #VincentVanGogh (1853-1890)Oil on Canvas73.5 x 92 cm @pinakotheken._

Watching Loving Vincent at the iconic Regal Cinema amidst 700 people(or more), who eventually give a standing ovation to the film for certainly more

"If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere! " Vincent Van Gogh


Sunflowers by Van Gogh 🌻 - Phone case | Starry Night by Van Gogh 🌌 - Phone case | #SunIsNotMyBae Leopard Vintage Sunglasses 🕶

Vincent Van Gogh real picture by Victor Morin, 1886 FEAT Van Gogh Self-portrait ; 1889 - #artgerian #art #victormorin #vincentvangogh #vangogh

👩🏼💙🇳🇱Melkmeisje in delfsblauw , van de amsterdam tattoo convention posters, alle credits voor het ontwerp gaan dan ook zeker uit naar

“Cosa sono io agli occhi della gran parte della gente? Una nullità, un uomo eccentrico o sgradevole, qualcuno che non ha posizione sociale né potr

it's done! starry night above the Rhône, originally by Vincent van Gogh. It's not exactly the same, but this is just my version, I hope you like it!


Russia-based artist @podarokneotdarok brought Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" painting to life by constructing the painting in its 3D form within a

"Através do amor vemos as coisas com mais tranquilidade, e somente com essa tranquilidade um trabalho pode ser bem sucedido."~ 🌻Vincent Van Gogh