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PRESTO FUORI IL MIO NUOVO SINGOLO 📀 🎶'Novantasette'⭐Ringrazio tutti coloro che stanno partecipando e mi stanno dando una mano per la

💯💯Pendientes venimos con tema new 🎤🎤mi gente seguimos tirando puñete ESTO NO ES VELOCIDAD SI NO RESISTENCIA

" Bad Bitch 4 Pockets Full 💸, Got Him Calling Me His Luh Babe 😙, Ride Him Good Drive That Niggah Crazy 🥴 8 Mile Like Slim Shady

I cannot wait to share this new one with you guys this week! Walkout ranch built in the late 70s! Upper $2s. Here’s a sneak peek of it’s

Love has no distance.

More wandering wild in Snowdonia. Some superb mountain days trialling routes on friends & with the luxury of staying at off-grid fancypants

—Anchorage AlaskaSummer 2017— Pc: me📷: iPhone 5No filters/edits— If you like the photo or the doodle follow me

Hawai’i is home to so many amazing creatures! Tag a friend you’d like to take to see the sea turtles! 🐢

➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ A lovely day out in Kington 😍Loved every minute of it & got to meet Alfie the little terrier at his local pet shop. #pub

1K Wyaaa ⁉️ #d1xokay 🔥 #1k————————————————————————————If viewing follow @deeluv.xo

I tried to love her but she slow 😤❤️

Explore, adventure, CLIMB

"Follow the Trail" so you don't get lost! 😳 but be sure to make you're own adventure! 😉 Check out our website today! #green #hike #vaca #views

🌲🌅 Day Dreamin’ 🌅🌲

My motivation to get through the last two months of school is the fact that I'll get to enjoy more views like this when I am done 🥂🍾

Flexibility - work in progress 🌒✨ | 🎶 Hope It Hurts like Hell - Madison Beer .... ... ...... ... .. ... ...... . #mood

Day 85 - Baseline | When you’re as over analytical as myself you can sometimes become blinded and overwhelmed by factors and variables, to the