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🛍Order💰💰💰Giá: ib🔹Sz SML XL✔️Màu: như hình (lướt nhẹ sang ạ^^)✔️Hàng về có thể sẽ lệch tone màu một

It isn’t easy as it looks, you know? 😉P/s: definitely need a tan 😩😩

Just peachy 🍑. It has become our ritual workout routine that Saturday is dedicated for booty. Find yourself a swoulmate that will push you passed

이 땅에 진정한 우정보다 더 소중한 것은 아무것도 없다. ~ hygge (n) the cost feeling you get when you’re enjoying the good

It's Showtime!! Ready to perform at Sparkle Motion featuring @kamiliddle in a gorgeous historic building with some other amazing dance friends!!

Cheers to you 🇻🇳

💗💗💗 Happy Saturday 💗💗💗 follow @asians.official for more sweet pics👈🏻 @fayemiah

Went to star bucks then had a dandy ol time with friends doing my friend makeup and a photo shoot. See the product on @it_zjess’s profile

happy birthday alana🥳💓

Weekend mode: 🔛💋 Oh and can you guys believe my trousers are less than $2, and my vintage blazer is less than $10? 🙈🙈Special thanks to my

No filter needed. Once I saw some pictures of Lungern on Facebook, I talked to myself that I would try my best to go to this place one day. Yes, I

Cháy mặt nâu thì em nì về thêm độ hot cũng không kém đâu nha #FIF080016- Swiss made- Size: 44MMRetail: $1.195 ~ 30.2 triệu


Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. To the world you may be one person, but to one

Bạn mình đòi nghỉ chơi với mình vì mỗi chuyện đi chơi với nhau mình luôn có hình đẹp còn bạn đó thì không tấm nào

low qual pic on a low qual day 😴

Just one of those days. Feeling super drained and unmotivated, hella bloated, workout was bleh....🥴. It’s ok to feel like this sometimes and just

so glad my spanish oral exams are over 😅

chillin in my pj’s 🐨

finally warm enough for a dress 🌞

ig is back from the dead 😂

another one 🍓

my sister 💕

stay cool/be strong