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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Ellis! 🎊I’m pretty excited to have some photos to work on again. Even though I’m super thankful to have had a few

Self love veil necklaces 🥀 These veil necklaces are filled with dried rose petals for love and joy, clear quartz as it is the ‘master healer’

La Nebulosa Velo è una vasta nebulosa diffusa visibile nella parte sudorientale della costellazione del Cigno. La nebulosa è un antico resto di

We had the opportunity to show case one of our flower brooch bouquet 💐 on a ceremony backdrop done by @jackiebeckyevents thank you for the

Nervous to try new color? #problemsolved 😉. Trust your stylist and get into this #Upart #veil 😍. It’s a great alternative to a

Love wearing a hat with a veil at my photoshoot. That teamed with my favourite spotty lace top and gloves is such great fun. I feel very sophisticated

The best part about being alone is that you really don't have to answer to anybody. You do what you want. Justin Timberlake #Bernal_Oeste #Argentina

Today‘s flea market hunt got me some beautiful old Bavarian wedding pictures, all taken around 1905-1910. Can you spot that silver wedding myrtle

Kolejna przepiękna Panna Młoda i jej niepowtarzalny welon ręcznie zdobiony, zaprojektowany specjalnie na życzenie klientki❤Pani Kinga poprosił

#EzRepost @ndagiresafina with @ezrepostappOnly as high as i reach can i grow...Only as far as i seek can i go...Only as deep as i look can i see

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Love taking bridal photos before the ceremony. It’s so neat to be a part of this process and see how each bride is so different. #bridalphotos

The veil is so much of a gorgeous addition. ________________________________________________It's not the way of hiding you, but rather revealing

Some of my favourite styles of veils! Which style would suit you or your bride?! #veilofangels #VOA 💙☁️👼🙌🏻