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Aww looks like Vegetas actual mission was babysitting Frieza and Thetas kids!😂 they're so cute tho so he probably can't say grumpy for long! Art is

I dont think Friezas warming up to Vegeta just yet😂. AGAIN GO FOLLOW @nightmaretaco1 FOR MORE OF THEIR AMAZING WORK GUYS👏💖💖💖

WE GOT A BUBBLE BLOWING BABY HERE AS THE NEW CAPTAIN OF THE FRIEZA FORCE?! I absolutely will never get tired of the ideas @nightmaretaco1 makes and

🌟🔥PRINCE VEGETA🔥🌟Man yall just gotta go follow my bff @nightmaretaco1 !!! Check out this killer art piece they did of Vegeta for our


New personal art I just finished in class! I've never done scratch sheet art as an actual art piece but I love how it came out! And yes this is all

Badge commissions concept idea I drew. I think itd be fun to do smoke themed art on bandanas as I've seen ppl paint stuff on them before. The smoke

This picture is from before I moved last year! Pretty soon vegeta will need another refurbish to fix him up a little! Despite being about 4 years old


YALL MY HEART!? @akkilexus really took time outta their day to create this beautiful digital masterpiece of Vegeta with a plush Care Bear Cousin named

Remember to wash your suits guys!! I know it can be scary but its necessary to reclean them. If you dont know how ask your maker or look up tutorials

All this rad af art was gifted to me by @_baz00ka AND I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE SO SO MUCH!!!!! 😭💕💗💖💕💖💖💖 #desperatedanny

Last local meet I was at! Bowling with my boyfriend was really fun!(Picture taken by John Torres!!)💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta

Some doodles I decorated my friends box with when I delivered his head at #tff! I wish I had taken pictures of the other 2 I drew💖💖💖


I was gifted this amazing HQ fully detailed badge by @spookigator at TFF and it blew me away! I was going to wait to post it but I feel it's just to

Working on suit coms still so heres ya boi Vegeta with a big vintage bedtime care bear for now!💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta

I got to see so many friends and meet new ones at tff and I cant wait to see everyone again next year! (3/3)💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta

Hey guys so I figured with everyone asking me I'd make a post telling how my time at TFF was this year!TFF was absolutely great! There were so many


I got to see so many friends and meet new ones at tff and I cant wait to see everyone again next year! (2/3)💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta

Inflatables in the fursuit playground! I'd never gotten to see these dudes in person so it was really exciting!💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta

I got to see so many friends and meet new ones at tff and I cant wait to see everyone again next year! (1/3)💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta

My bro Blixt got his head delivered at #tff #texasfurryfiesta and we got to hang out! It was super cool getting to hang out with a friend I'd met

🌟LIMITED EDITION🌟 Desperate Danny"FURRIES" shirts are being handed out at #tff #texasfurryfiesta ! Dont be afraid to ask!💖💖💖

OH MA LORD , Jack Deaton is such an amazing friend! They recently drew Vegeta and its absolutely stunning!💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta

👀 I'll be handing out some goodie bags at #tff ! Please feel free to ask me for one if you see me I love meeting new people!💖💖💖


How to find me at TFF! I'll be handing out goodies so dont feel shy to ask! I'll mainly be around the main floors unless I'm at a panel

Getting Vegeta clean for TFF! Remember to clean your suits guys! I know the first wash is always scary because suits cost a lot but there are a lot of

Look at the dudes 😭💖 @kitten.kinsey spent time out of their day to make me this super cute digital icon! I absolutely love it!!💖💖💖

OML LOOK WHAT @salt_licker_ GIFTED MY EYES💖💕💖💕👏 thank you so much I absolutely love your style and it was so sweet of you to test your

I'm still super busy with coms rn since some stuff popped up so I dont have anything to post yet. Enjoy another care bear pic I didn't post from last


Last few shirts being made! Thank you for everyone who has ordered our pre-order shirts! Just a few slots left!💖💖💖 #desperatedanny #vegeta

WOW LOOK AT OUR BOI!Hes definitely had a glow up since his last birthday in 2018! Happy birthday Vegeta!!👏👏😭💖💖💖 #desperatedanny

OMG ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!? Happy birthday to Vegeta and me! I couldn't have made it this far without my family's guidance and support, thank you to