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I was having a conversation with friends the other day on if we liked packing or unpacking better. Though neither really sparks major joy for me... I


“Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought, for the human spirit is colored by such impressions.” - Marcus Aurelius


Left or Right? @vouge_magazine✔️

shameless (and free, might i add) self promotion @xoxohann 💅🏼

Impressed with myself that I still manage to look cute in this humid weather 😝

Serving up those business-professional-meets-grunge-femme looks. I’m officially a seasoned law student............ #urbanoutfitters

BDG URBAN OUTFITTERS Striped Cropped Jeans 🐺 Size 32 $10 🐺 Available in store, or email rumorsdurham a screenshot of the item you’d

Couple of today’s essentials with the addition of a cute scrunchie ✨


SUPER COOL LOS ANGELES LAKERS HOODIE!🥰•size men’s small and is oversized so it fits like a womens xl so fits everyone! •BIDDING STARTS AT $

you thought you were getting new Superstars didn’t you

my friend picked up this blazer and said this looks very “emily”—so naturally I had to buy it.


really getting over this “waking up” thing 🙄🙄🙄 leave me to sleep until I WANT pawrents😖🐶

Igual ves una imagen un paisaje, una calle o una persona todos los días. Intenta cambiar el punto de vista y descubre nuevas realidades. #arte

Kesha - RainbowFav Tracks - Woman, Hunt You Down, & Spaceship🛸Whats your fav track??

Chapter Twenty ||The Mephisto Waltz 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮1. Soft style Charmy black loafers- $29.97 SOURCE-Zappos 2. Blue cashmere turtleneck


En Vivo #Jueves 29 de Agosto gran presentación del Grupo sensacional @famemusic_inc en vivo no te lo pierdas. ENTRADA GRATUITA PARA TODOS. Botellas.

A tee inspired by the deadliest and most beautifully colored animal in the Amazon: the poison dart frog. #Zeyba #Amazonia #StayWild



🇮🇹Alta Via 1️⃣ delle DolomitiDay 3 Il signore degli Anelli - Le 5 Torri▶️Rifugio Lagazuoi - ⏹ Malga Giau📍Rifugio Scoiattoli

.you've been looking for gold, but there's nothing to hold tell me have you seen him, I wanna tell him how I'm feelinI haven't seen you, seen you