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There are about 10,000 toriis (shrine gates) at Fushimi. The gates honour Inari - the guardian god associated with abundant crops, businesses,

Constantinople. Byzantium. Eastern Rome. Stamboul. Lygos. Konstantina.The Greatest City for a Thousand Years. Istanbul. #istanbul #turkey #historic

St. Emilion in the rain is a true treasure. Crowds hide away when the cobblestones get slick and we have the tiny paths all to ourselves !

Tombs of Uch SharifIn the southern part of Pakistan, a town founded by Alexander the Great.17 tiled funerary monuments remain in this area, notably

“The gray silence, the gray waves, the gray wastes of the sea.”-William Sharp📍Ha Long Bay, Vietnam 🇻🇳

walk on.

I really like the architectural style of this buildings. It reminds me of one of those order type of buildings in Los Angeles. I’m not sure what

El Cañón en el Parque Nacional de Talampaya en la provincia de la Rioja. Patrimonio de la Humanidad. 👌_______________________________...

✨The more light you allow within you, the brighter your world will be. ⭐️.................................................Had a magical day

Look out the window and remember life goes on.This shot was taken while riding on the Nohi bus heading to Shirakawa. #shirakawa #shirakawago

Angkor Wat - You had been on the list for a long time, and You were worth the wait. What a day exploring this ancient place. (Also included for maybe

The Palau de la Música Catalana: an absolute honor to see with my own eyes. A UNESCO world heritage site that opened in 1908, the Palau is “the

This was a really peaceful moment during my trip, after a long day of hiking in the sun we all walked around the beach alone (or I may have wandered

On our way to the 📍 Underground River of Puerto Princesa... i couldn’t contain my excitement because i was to see one of the 7 wonders of the

This is Antigua, Guatemala. Spruced up as if for its own wedding, this spanish colonial jewel is a perfect honeymoon location. November to April is

Park Guell is among the most visited sites of Barcelona. Gaudi designed this park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. #barcelona #parkguell #gaudi

Pogled na dio dvorca koji se nalazi na UNESCO-vom popisu mjesta svjetske baštine. Drugi je najveći dvorac u Češkoj, prvi je naravno praški dvorac

It was a clear day with blue skies after sprinkles of rain. Fun fact: Bordeaux will periodically rain here and there. Because of the terrain (by the

Giant Wok 👩🏻‍🍳

Zooming in on the Palace of Breeze

73 meters, 5 storeys, and 379 steps up. But then they don't allow anyone up anymore.

Watching elephants coming to Amer Fort.

The old caravan town of Djenne, on the shores of the Sahara where during the Middle Ages, wealthy empires thrived on the gains from long distance

The centuries-old mosque of Djenne, in Mali, on the Southern shores of the Sahara desert. Once a trading centre of international repute, now a dusty

People and their religions... Muslim calling his brethren to the early-morning prayer from the minaret of one of Timbuktu's ancient mosques .**

A 4.6 metre high sitting Buddha, carved 5 metres deep out of a cliff face, alongside two other giant statues. Built under 12th century Sri Lankan king