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This guy might be the biggest dick in the Disney universe. Killed his brother. Thought he killed his nephew. Twice. Real cold blooded bastard. If

Janiah and I at the movies. Uncle and Niece tings. You know the vibes.

Tru dat.————————————————Source: GuessMyAge2009 on RedditFollow @iamacowboah for more Red Dead related stuff!

Ya moría por tenerte conmigo en mis brazos 😍😂❤! Quien iba a pensar que una personita tan pequeña alegrará todo 👼💓💖

Hoje a princesinha da família completa 4 aninhos com muito amor e saúde. Deus a abençoe hoje e sempre. Titio ama muito!!!!! #birthdaygirl #uncle

Evening #snack before dinner. Garlic olives & veggie cream cheese. Omg! Love these! I remember my Uncle Nick used to eat them all the time as i was

Spending time with my nieces this evening. They wanted to go to Olive Garden. Lawd they are high maintenance already lol. #Tori #Namya my first 2

2019.03.27 台北市中山区Uncle Tetsu's Caf

🎉Happy 12th birthday to our favorite girls🎉 We couldn’t imagine our lives without you two❣️we love and miss you both👯‍♀️ #nieces

There was talk of "NPCs" on last night's broadcast. Give it a listen! On iTunes and many other podcatchers linked on our website. #npc

My new baby nephew, Mason, is the cutest little thing in the world ❤️❤️❤️. I love being an uncle!

Introducing the Aunts and uncle!Theres Faith and Joy (formerly Sunny and Cloudy)And Trevino!Tis obvious who is related to who so yeeeee××

My favorite little mans birthday was last week but we were able to celebrate his 1st birthday today. Thanks @f_hansell and @alinahansell for being in

Uncle George.My son George Costa-Jones with one of the twins, his Godson, Patrick Bergaz 6 months old. Big Pat. #godfather #godson #son #twins

Pickles vodka and shesh besh 🙏 @artem.yusupov1