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Decided to post the time lapse of the awesome drawing I did today of one 9f my best friends @ikari.rampage ~ Love you boo ;3 ~ #twitch #twitchkittens

I am so excited that I reached Twitch Affiliate what do I do now does anyone know let me know in the comments on how to get started with Affiliate so

Wow another part done and another time I absolutely love my girls work! @daxy_royal is the one who knows how to make you that fire art dont be shy

Когда мать узнала про слитые фотки @rijmij @letjanna ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #twitchtv

Most intense fight ever😂😂 but new meta flintlock x deagle 🔥🤫Twitch🎮:yngxcell

VLOG 006 OUT NOW!Continuing my car show vlog into part two now, hope you guys enjoy the vlog!Link:

As we begin chapter 3 of #vandalhearts I wonder who will join us for the rebellion! Maybe you this time? Click the link! Come hangout! ‬ www.twitch.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Строительная куртка alinarinrinНе забудь, поставить лайк бро! #twitchtv

When someone says you can’t do it or it’s impossible, always prove them wrong ✨👍 ...❤️double tap for more gaming content ❤️🚫

And I thought I was unlucky, tag someone below that has worse luck then this kid

I’ve been told I can be too serious sometimes 🙃P.S getting a picture without people in the background here is a pain in the ass

I went out today and meet up with some friends that I haven't seen in months , we spend the entire time chatting about stuff 👄What did you do

@emily.schlenger hears this every night

I'm already turned on

Which are you? personally I like to go YOLO mode, busier the better... 😂--------------------------------------------------Follow

Live now! Giveaway, schiaffi e figuracce vi aspettano nella mia live! Vieni a fare un saluto o unisci alla squadra. Vi aspetto numerosi su www.twitch.

Wanted to post the timelapse of me drawing @ikari.rampage ^^ so here it is 🖤 love you Ishi-wish ~ If I do make youtube videos this'll definitely be

New YouTube video I made of new clips and clips I’ve posted on here . ———————————————-Subscribe to my YouTube for

Workin on a thing

"THE DIVISION!!!" 2 weeks of TD2 gameplay in the books. It's said to say, but I don't see myself ever logging on TD ever again. You were a hell of a

Our crazy set up for tonight’s stream, Continuing with Loz: Wind Waker 3 heart run and have a first time player joining us too!

This cow boi has come here to tell you about the 12 hour stream Friday!!! Get ready for 12 hours of straight memeing, streaming, AND dreaming

Still progressing. It’s so FLIPPING CUTE ♡I’m just way too excited to not share how it looks so far lol keep checking back. More things are

Let’s make a lilac sky 💕😭🎶👊👹

Another small teaser of my upcoming video! Video will be posted TOMORROW!Subscribe to stay updated!Link in Bio check it outttt #apexlegends

This is my brain process when trying to figure out the best way to post I'm going #twitch #twitchtv #gaming

It happened again..... I think I may have been tired towards the end of the stream. Listen with audio. Going live in 5 and not going for any care

Hmm just a little bug 🤣 played some Vegas 2 ❤️ childhood memories ❤️❤️ -> #vegas2 #community #twitch #streamer

Exploring the depths of the dark zone with friends come join us and dont forget the popcorn #twitchaffiliate

Circle started closing again....🥇🎮...if you like my content and want to help support me use code: DraculaBah in the fortnite item shop! Also

Which are you? personally I like to go YOLO mode, busier the better... 😂--------------------------------------------------Follow me

Heavy Snipes for everyone! The first clip was my best shot... but wait till ya'll see what I hit this past weekend🧐. I hope you guys are killing it

Team Glac, an AMAZING group of like minded people networking, co-streaming, raiding, hosting, shouting eachother out NOT TO MENTION ALL THE PEOPLE

I’m aware it’s messy but here’s a little thing i made with some recent clips 😂

1 man army 🙅‍♂️

Biggest bug ever, they drove through the floor and then popped up on the road 🧐 Feels bad for these guys, #fixpubg

Armed and dangerous 💥

Gotta love a perfect hit 💥