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梅天下 引狼入室第26回!烏龜長老的計畫被識破了!歡迎到webtoon觀賞!Turtle:I'm not snake

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Thank you to @fwisd for all the support with this project. Having students outside collecting data is #priceless The turtle in the second and third

good morning from paradise

Explored the Mayan Underworld, Xibalba, today. •Cenote Chaak Tun was otherworldly - stalactites & stalagmites surrounded us in perfectly clear blue

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‘Animals should not require permission to live on Earth. Animals were given the right to be here long before we came along’ - Anthony Douglas

Dans quelques jours je reprendrai en douceur enfin la plongée 🙂🤙🤙Après avoir eu l'énorme privilège de plonger en Polynésie Française, (



Our boy #Fred is having his first good shed since we rescued him from a dirty miniature tank, with no heat or light for basking. He’s

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2 sahabat ini selalu akur di shelter @kurakuraindonesia Ohiya untuk kura emys tangkapan alam tidak kita perjual belikan ya, namun hanya kita pelihara

More work on the mural @jatujakthai, thanks for helping paint!! Soon to be done!! 10/10 would recommend jatujak to a friend

Back with the Sea theme ~ Decorated my keyboard case, now I can take a little bit of the ocean with me wherever I go! ...... #ocean #sea

I finally have something to post for you guys! These are some #watercolor postcards I worked on over the weekend. BEGINNER ALERT! I am still a

Had a nice picnic and met a dog who looked like a walking marshmallow. 10/10 day! Second pic is for @candywardhol, who says I can't take a good pic of

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Take me back home!!! Only 3 months ago we went back home for Christmas. I’m originally from New-Caledonia; this was my first Xmas spent with mum and

Finding a job you love is important but finding a great purpose and investing time for helping others will awake dormant forces, faculties and talents

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Aquatic exercise in sssslllloooow motion. 🐢🐢🐢🐢🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🥽🥽🥽🥽💯📸😊...