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The shooter, or lack thereof, will go unnamed 😂. Called in a good one on Saturday to 15 yards and we had an awesome time. #mallardsfowllife

Remington loads VS Winchester Longbeards. I ran a little test this morning at various distances, and the Winchester loads far surpassed the pattern

How many of you are saddle hunters or plan on trying out saddle hunting this year? Members @higgi46 and @rexdozz are trying it out this year. They

I just love it when my favorite animals all hang out together. It’s a very important time of year right now. Taking inventory, giving them the

Very exciting scouting trip this morning!! Getting ready for the Mossy Oak gang to roll into camp today!! Stay tuned for some cool posts this week!!

It’s turkey season. That means only one thing....when these two goons take to the turkey woods, death will occur. #turkeyhunting #dinosaurs

@carl_marshall getting some range time in and getting ready for the KY turkey season opener!! Who else is doing the same??....| #bowadx |

Turkey bow kill 🏹🦃 up on our YouTube Channel! Check it out and get pumped for Season 1 of Spring Gobblers! (Link in bio)

@cartermilan49 with his buck. ————————————Send in your photos to be featured! ————————————Double tap

Chasing turkeys through the Hawaiian jungle in flip flops and drinking local brews to celebrate my first Rio Grande turkey kill...what a way to close

After two ultra close encounters, I’ve decided that this turkey is just mocking me now. 🦃 He’s either the smartest and most educated turkey in

“Daily Double” congrats to Windsor Fire Chief, Richard Shirk and Immokalee Fire Fighter James Langlois on two awesome Osceola’s!!! Our first

“XXX” wasn’t kidding about the red light district. Kids cover your 👀... I’ve seen a lot of flings over the years on my spring fling tours

Nature is brutal...

I’ve had to do this on a wounded buck but never a healthy one. In full rut this deer would kill this man IMO - what do y’all think?

Turkey Report: I came home from opening weekend of turkey season with pictures of wild azaleas. A beautiful spring weekend in the Georgia woods, and I

If you have never experienced Buffalo Gnats consider yourself lucky. They are awful. They are really bad in Arkansas county right now. Running deer

This was a very smart and wise old Rooster and an excellent example of how difficult these pheasants are to get in the air. The dog was on his tail

If you haven’t tried turkey breast on the grill, you’re most definitely missing out! Juicy and amazing flavor! I spent the evening cooking those

I’ve been doing this @stjude Hunting for a Cure weekend for over 15 years and isn’t God Good!! It been a long few weeks, months really, of working

@buckcreek_farms with an opening day double! Anyone else have a successful weekend? Send in your photos to be posted! Be sure to follow: @shoreredneck

Psss...! Ça s’envient! Si vous êtes autant excité que notre staff en pensant à la chasse au dindon, vous savez où nous trouver😉😆🦃

- One.More.Month -______________________________________That's right folks, one month to go untill the 2019 Ontario spring turkey season arrives

Gobble gobble, not a bad start to a Saturday. This guy was already with a hen at 6:45, but would still gobble occasionally at crows but not back any