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Well, turkey season in California has officially come to an end. This video is courtesy of @christopher.wilson_ and it’s of me having my first ever

@Kash daniel56 first time on Lake Erie this weekend yielded some beautiful smallmouth bass! Tag a your summer fishing partner #hunting #outdoors

I know a bunch of you don’t approve of hunting or prefer to stay blind to the fact that something has to die in order for you to eat (yes, even you

Well 🦃 season is officially over and I have to say it was a helluva lot tougher than last year. Learned a bunch but the big toms were just straight


Every season you see new things and learn new lessons; but one thing that stays consistent is we will always have a heck of a good time! Can’t wait

Little preview of our hunt last Friday. It was pretty awesome morning. Called this 10inch beard, inch spur and 21lb gobbler in for @codywm96 but he

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@perhamkevin filled his last Spring tag of the season on this great 22 pound bird. Nice shooting Kevin 👊🏼

Idaho ✔️ Called these two birds over 500 yards and @pat_harney and I got a double on my birthday. Incredible hunt and it took every

A testimonial sent it to us by @badgerbridge - This guy is all thanks to my hecs- head to toe camo!! My four year dry spell finally came to an end and

Another great morning spent in the woods. @jawilliams1011 punched his tag on a beautiful Pennsylvania gobbler (ooooo weeeeee! Is he a beauty!) Turkey


This is my second year turkey hunting and was blessed to take my first turkey this weekend, what a rush! Called him in from about 400 yards. Took

If given the chance to hand select the weather for a morning turkey hunt, I wouldn’t have opted for cold, rainy and windy. Alas, that was the hand I

A strutter up close in the sunlight is a sight that’s as beautiful as any in the wild, I’d argue. Missing the last 45 days activities with every

Last-call spring turkey tactics at Here’s the Kayser way to end the season. Horns & drumsticks! @sigsaueroptics @mossyoak

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Bowtech stuck another bird. Cant be more excited for HYP members @conner_hamilton21 and @jhubbz14 for getting some sweet footage. We will have a

Don’t let anyone ‘get your goat’ today

Completion of my 3rd consecutive Grand Slam! Ended off this season with a melanistic Merriam in South Dakota. For those of u who don’t know a

RepostBy @huntfish_pursuit: "🚨First Public Land Gobbler! 🚨__The NY turkey season treated me well. I was able to put down two mature birds and

CHECK THIS OUT!!!! The guys over @rutandriverpursuits invited me for a sit around the " Sonic Camp Fire" I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!


The green jays are taking full advantage of this beautiful day. ☀️ #greenjay

I had a fun and successful NC turkey season! This bird couldn’t resist a little light calling and a strutting decoy... he ran straight in and got

It’s like a rainbow 🦃🌈😍

Who else filmed their turkey hunt on a @tactacam this spring? This was our first spring with one and we absolutely loved the results and captured

CONTESTANT #67 What’s going on with this Turkeys beak? #ecwturkey PHOTO CONTEST! Rules:1. Use #ecwturkey to enter. 2. Tag us in the picture or

Dinner with two views.