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A $200 pen from Tiffany’s. You write letters, pay bills and sits in your drawer. And that’s it. No potential. $199 business in a box. You get a


It's Tini Tuesday here at Bruno's and Game 7s of the Stanley Cup Playoffs are about to start. Come on by and watch with us!.See you here!~🍸~

It's only Tuesday, but I can't wait until the weekend to go out!🎉 Gotta meet up with my frands. How's my eyeliner? Did I do it right? Too much?

i am creative.i am innovative. &i am intelligent. ❤

My girls for 7 AM were on fire . Please Julie don't kill me posting this. I appreciate your effort and I know you pushed harder today. #metabolicburn

One of the hardest things we do as humans is let go. Realizing we can’t love people to things, all we can do is love them through it. No matter what


Good skin health isn't just about how often you wash your face. Your skin can be affected by your stress levels and your sleep schedule, which is why

“Every scar will shape me, every wound will build my throne” -unknown💎Love the content, Follow @audia4s_line for more epic content

Match her effort, respect her hustle, support her ambitions, protect her heart, value her loyalty, uplift her spirit, love her unconditionally.

We have the perfect lineup of Washington wines waiting for you...👏🏻🍷

Do you have items that will not fit in conventional vehicles or need help disposing of C&D waste from small scale projects? We take pride in providing

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Ever since your history of silenceWon't do you any goodDid you think it would?Let your words be anything but empty......

I stumbled upon this writing today and it moved me. It had me thinking about both the past and the present. “I have what I have and I am happy. I’

Got home from work. Didnt sit down. Changed right into my workout gear. And got to town. Took a half hour walk at lunch and got an hour of barre

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“It’s been a long week.....”She says in the middle of Tuesday. .Half the day today I thought it was Wednesday. Seriously. Like got up at 5am

Starting to put action towards what you want can be a learning process. Learn as you go & never give up! Keep #crushinfears 💪🏾 ......

Starting to put action towards what you want can be a learning process. Learn as you go & never give up! Keep #crushinfears 💪🏾 ......

It was a Tuesday (no really, it was). I didn’t wait til Monday. I dropped allll of my excuses—you know the ones. Not enough time, money, room, etc

Today’s Goal 💪🏾♥️was to tackle the Riverfront Trail ... Total miles = 10.9 (Riverfront to Rt 273 = 5.45k

Dinner number 1 we have - Eggplant Parmesan w/stuffing & veggies - Gotta love Omas cooking! 👏💯😩👌✊ All the gains!!! That eat big to get


109. Veronica Wow. Acrylic on Panel. 11x14. Time, 2017. .Example of what paintings looked like after a first pass. Generally just extra paint from

Omg I loveeeee this girl. Not only does she support me 100 percent we laughed the whole time. She’s a fighter!!! #lupusawareness💜 she’s like

⁣🥁TUNE IN NOW @crown_drums🥁⁣🗣️ "The Awakening"🗣️⁣📻Hosts Rev Milferd Brock & Helen Brock📻⁣🎙️Interact w/Host

🥁TUNE IN NOW @crown_drums🥁⁣🗣️ "The Awakening"🗣️⁣📻Hosts Rev Milferd Brock & Helen Brock📻⁣🎙️Interact w/Host

Shout out to the new member of Empire's Marketing Team for putting together this great promotional picture for us! She's definitely not wrong, working


Inside the Smith Center with Boston Urban Sketchers.

“I remember the oak tree that we used to climb, but now when I'm lonesome, I always pretend that I'm getting the feel of hickory wind.” #thebyrds

Getting those abs!! Heck yeah! I promise that despite my face I'm super excited about these latest developments 🤓🏋️

The good stuff hasn’t come from adding more things to do.〰️It’s in the unfinished business of being ourselves. It’s in the work of

Me wearing the most fucking reflective thing I own while playing @brazzenmusic’s track at my last show 😂😂😂........ #AvalonHollywood

"Never lose hope. Just when you think it's over, God sends you a miracle." ......Join us for a new episode of Conversations with Dr. Rich &