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Seu teclado parou de funcionar nos procure temos a melhor solução para você! Venha conferir, não fique na mão! Estamos aqui no centro da Içara


@cafesamsara33 un buen descubrimiento de la Antigua, este lugar es #glutenfree, #dairyfree and #veganfriendly, compartimos 3 platos porque las


It’s Pickle Chicken tonight!. The chicken is infused with the strong, strong flavours of mustard oil, onions, garlic, green chillies and the Bengali


dude he is so intimating through a video imagine in real life how he will look like just staring omfg that will be so hot fuck --- @graysondolan

💛💙❤️ Every Tuesday at 8:00pm. St Benedicts Sports Hall, 16 Marchwood Crescent, Ealing W5 2DZ. For more details please visit the website

ur welcome bichessss.... i edited this for way too long 🤠

Our office for today!It’s windy but it feels soooo good! 🥰 How you feelin? This day is just as good of a day as any to begin to heal, forgive

Have you made your reservations for our Easter brunch buffet yet? At $25 per person, guests will enjoy an AYCE brunch with bottomless mimosas and

Don't make me do karaoke. I am the worst.-Kaia GerberWell, then the wine kicked in and they promised me a free shot. And suddenly I was singing

Turns out I’m one of the #Morries - people born on TUESDAY! According to a not very flattering description by @fastcompany : “Morries are lazy


Seria você o protagonista da sua história? Ou será que, no fundo, inconscientemente você não elegeu outro alguém para estrelar o protagonismo da

Strawberry Blast !🍓—————————————————[🌻] riddle: what has 4 fingers, and a thumb, but isn’t living

This is the day I’ve waited all my life for. The most holy day of the year. #goodfriday a man that I dated once smirked at me for gushing over


Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps, that makes the journey complete. 🌅....

this weeks bloopers with @elle !! she’s honestly the cutest on the planet and the way they interact with her is so cute~~~Tags: @graysondolan

Reposted from @animalequality - For too long, the abuse of chickens in @mcdonalds supply chain has continued without end. It's time for that to


When you work with us, you save more than money-you save time. Time is often more valuable than money, and that’s why we have always been devoted to

@graysondolan @ethandolan** ————————.💭qotd: what’s your favourite colour?🤟🏼: creds to Ethan’s Snapchat

“I am not a one in a million kind of girl. I am a once in a lifetime kind of woman.” 👊🏻✌🏻🤟🏻

Música instrumental en vivo 🎶🎸 Hoy contamos con un talentoso guitarrista que nos deleitará con su repertorio musical desde Argentina! "


I still am not over how cute my new polka dot dress is! AND that's it's a size MEDIUM and fits me this well! It's tight in all the right places! I

„Nadzieje są płonne” Jeden z trafniejszych cytatów z „Wiedźmy duszonej w winie”.49/150 już stoi na półce, a przede mną maraton z Ann

My pencil portrait of the sweet and multi talented @feliciathompsonofficial check out her page!! Follow my page and enter the competition to win a

For Halloween, I'm Little Mac from Punch Out!! More specifically, his P3 alternate outfit from Super Smash Bros...... #nofilter #geek #instagram