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Day 83 of 365 #2019March 24, 2019.Am I the photograph?.."I can and I will. Watch me!". #trust••"a wonderful space of my local" #karitink

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Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation Experience is back and starts tomorrow. This time it’s theme is *Manifesting Grace through Gratitude

Women who pray together slay together 😄 and have fun doing it. So grateful for the privilege to do God’s work with His people. We had a powerful

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. ❤️Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Equipping ourselves through prayer can be one of the best uses of time. Thankful to these ladies for trusting the environment and being brave women.

In team sports it is imperative to Trust. Trust Yourself, Trust Your Teammates, Trust Your Coach and Trust the System.  #Trust

واسه کسی که حاضره برات بمیرهدلیل زنده بودن باش...!✨💔🖤 @_.rukhsar__ @bacha.niqabposh

“La inseguridad ciudadana no se acabará con mano dura, sino combatiendo el problema desde la raíz”- Orlando Velasco

For us (Christ sacrificed his life's blood) 😍 Mark 7:20 Then Jesus said: What comes from your heart is what makes you unclean. 21 Out of your

RIP .. I feel this one too 😭XXStay alive for me. 🖤XXFollow @aesthetic.hope.ig for more posts 😉XXCredit me for reposts 👀X

I would not have spent this afternoon with anyone else!! So proud of you Cambria; you are an amazing human being!! 🥰

This explains it perfectly! 🙌XXWow. 😅XXFollow @aesthetic.hope.ig for more posts 😉XXCredit me for reposts 👀X #quote

Pass auf mein Herz auf,du wirst es schon verstehen.Immerhin hab' ich es vorher nochnie jemandem gegeben... #heartbroken #gedanken #trust #lost

Forse a volte cerchiamo qualcosa che è gia dentro di noi e quando troviamo la pace interiore riusciamo a vedere e sentire quello di qui abbiamo

Hi all my followers! You are now welcome to my other new account @sirius.starhealing 😃 here you will be able to get information about healing,

Be•lief - #trust, #faith, or #confidence in someone or something

I don’t understand why we have the tendency to need more and want more. Is just the society who created competition between us. From little we try

I'm a continuous work in progress, this I know. I have a laundry list of things I try to be super mindful of as well as work to improve. One being my

Been a while since we’ve been in the action and I’m just itching to get back in the arena! Stay tuned as we download the plan for the next mission

Whenever I have ignored my feelings about work situations or life situations and just “got on with it”, as we are told to do, no good

🌹Love Reading🌹What beautiful energy for today! If youre single, i feel like its taken awhile for you to be at peace with your past. Healing

Everything comes to you in the right time.Be patient and trust in the process of God's plan for you!🌟.I hope you're all enjoying your weekend

“A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting”💜••• #singersongwriter

You’ve given us so much. God, thank you.

✔Todo lo que Dios hace es bueno, todo lo que Dios permite es necesario.🙏Dios nos conceda la gracia de sabernos amados y aceptar simplemente lo

The eternal power of women is to bring the Heavens down to Earth. When women are safe and can live with a calm and open Heart and a clear and

Mantra: Everything that is presented to you has a purpose. Learning to listen is the key and the universe will have your back.

PURRFECT SMOOCHES 🐾❤🐾 Capoochin Smoochin ❤ A wild cat who will not go near humans, but she remembers that I saved her life. I am forever