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A TRUE KING🤴...We get what we think🤔 so think positive, life will be automatically positive🤗.Type YES if you agree....🙌Prepare for

🌊Psalms 119:142 -  Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy law is the truth. 📖 #true #israelites #jews #hebrews


& pensar que en ese momento ninguno de los dos podía imaginar que en un tiempo más llegaría un pandemia a cambiar por completo nuestras vidas & la


happy friday eve ✨

I'm too grown to worry about who likes and dislikes me...Bills gotta be paid and I have grown up shit to do...If you love me, I love you...If you

True love never end 💕🤞🏻🧿a #29/05/2015 #true love 💖

Les comparto una aventura mas en Ecoevolution ✌️🌞⏳ #savetheplanet #future


Entrego todo al Rey de reyes! ❤️ El día de hoy tengo el placer de hacer un drum cover de " @bethelmusic - Entrego todo". Una canción que me ha

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#GodKabir_Comes_In_4_YugasGod Kabir Appearance to Great soulAlmighty God Kabir appeared to many great souls and explained to them the creation of

El desafiante, curioso, abierto, eterno, instantáneo, atemporal, espacioso, amable, pacífico, honesto, humano... camino del medio


Everyday moodCredit goes to original creator And my friend who sent this to me. ——————————————— #friends #googlememes

🙏🌹 जय श्री महाकाल l

#true music 🎶 fans get it😌

We ain’t even in our bag yet.


life partner ke sath itni he ladai ho💏💏💏😍🙈(Tag ur luv)👉Tag Someone Special 👫👑😍💯💯💯👉Follow 

E se eu disser que meu amor por vc a cada dia se multiplica, vc acreditaria?E se eu te falar que a cada dia que passa fica mais difícil imaginar

Amen. Suffering—->healing —->helping others.Usually our greatest area of suffering is the way He uses is to help others to be a beacon or light


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#आर्टिकल_30_हटाओ jay Jay shree Ram 🚩🙏Remove Article:30: #आर्टिकल_30_हटाओ #आर्टिकल

Well to be honest, I was that friend "A" 15 years ago. Thankfully I did that only once to realise not to do it again. ..Hands up to my teamamtes who

Hey guys! I wanted to check in with all of you and share something that’s been on my heart ♥️.It’s not easy for anyone right now. There’s

मरी हुई मछली धारा के साथ बहती है, लेकिन जीवित मछली धारा के विपरीत तैरती है। यदि आप भी जीवित हैं तो गलत का विरोध करना सीखें #kimtigallan #fish #water #strong #true

If your Love is pulling away,distancing himself or has already left you,chances are you've already tried EVERYTHINGto get him back. But there is

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Lets go guys just 2 days :3Info about what I will do with the outros ;3 ------->About the outros that many people made me I will use them all with

--FREEDOM AIN'T FREE-- "I attest that the words of Malcolm X and the words of the U.S. Declaration of Independence of 1776 are equivalent to each