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Our custom fly boxes have officially launched! Go to to order yours today! The site is always evolving depending on what

Good night all! Some of you have a long weekend ahead. Come in the shop to fill up your Easter baskets with all the bait, tackle and gear you need


I complained a lot about the weather last winter but it sure was a good season for me.••••••••• #winterfishing #idaho

Bar of gold from that magical golden hour. The evening air turned still and the caddisflies were hopping and darting spastically on the surface. This

“Submerged” a solo exhibition of new work opens two weeks from tonight at @evermoreprints_boise during first Thursday downtown Boise. 5 - 9. Come


Early bird accomodation deals open today, available from 29th Nov till 9th Dec 2019. visit our website for full details. #wffctas19 #flyfishing

Check out that slob! Beautiful fish caught by @trout_christy Anyone else have some good luck lately? #Fish #Trout #Creek #Stream #Fishing #FlyFishing

New video is up link in the bio check it out this was a fly fishing only day with my dad in the Lake Winnipesaukee area super cold water super big


Bass’ed up

PRG guide @juany_pereyra interrupted by a rising rainbow mid lunch, Los Alerces National Park. ⁣⁣——⁣ @simmsfishing⁣ @winstonrods⁣

•TROUT ACADEMY- TACTICS•APPROACHING SPRING STILLWATERS. Springtime is a great time to target trout, they are hungry, looking for food and willing

Here the first of many to come with @mr.sidoubler and @bryce.schaffer a 20 and 1/2 inch brown trout that I caught yesterday ! #catchandcook #trout

Hours on the road, water, tying bench, reading articles and watching videos all come down to this!! When you don’t see the other stuff it seems


What kind of trout.?😎🎣 #fish #fishing #fishingpicoftheday #fishofinstagram #fishtail #fishtank #fishinglife #fisherman #fishingdaily #fishermen


Completely CRUSHED IT at Memorial Park today. Absolute slabs all morning. The dogs will be very happy for dinner. Size 13 boot for scale. #Fish

Two good days of fly fishing with @c.xleb_h. Day one was about the Rainbows. Day two was about the Browns and the ones that got away. Caleb lost a


First trout on a dry fly, and it was a pretty nice one.. seems like he can’t get enough of the bugs cause he had some girth 🎣🎣 #nnjfishinglife

First day BACK! Damn it felt good! 🎣😎 Rolling in my truck up the canyon, windows down, country blaring, getting into the river, and feeling that

#ProtectedinPerpetuity: Quiet mornings and long evenings #flyfishing on #RockCreek.Join us next Wednesday at @grizzly_hackle at 6:30pm where we'll be


Well, snowboarding season is officially over which is sad but that means fishing is about to hit full swing. The trout have been plentiful and stories

I looked outside and realized how windy it was so we took cover in a small brook that was heavily covered. This provided some great cover and the

Got some pre season practice in on a beautiful day. The sun was out, the fish were hungry, and so were we. It was tough getting used to a new camera