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Here are some things about Malta that you probably wouldn’t bother googling, but I did for the sake of this caption 🤓1. Malta consists of 3

Happy Easter to all! 🐣 Today devotees run with the statue of the risen Christ through the village streets to the Church to return Him home. After

マルタにあるコミノ島。噂どおりのとっても綺麗な海。パイナップルジュースもすっごく美味しかった!ここは正午くらいに来るのがおススメ。海が綺麗なのでボートが浮いてるみたいな写真が撮れるみたい(今回は撮れなかった…涙) #malta #comino #cominoisland #bluelagoon #triptomalta #tripnote #travel #travelgram


While walking 🚶🚶‍♀️ around Valletta 🇲🇹 there's something to see 👀 on every corner!.Have you come across these arches in

Marsaxlokk - Malta..... #malta  #maltaphotography  #maltagram  #visitmalta #vividmalta  #bayeasymalta  #lovinmalta  #lovemalta  #travel 


'Malta Magnificent' by Major Francis Gerard is our #BookOfTheMonth for April. Judge Joseph Galea Debono, guest curator, explains 'In colourful and

Excellent talk on Tenebrae - the Divine Office for the Holy Week by Alex Vella Gregory and Fr Charlo Camilleri O.Carm yesterday evening at Palazzo

Basilica of ta' Pinu on a sunny day ☀️ One of the must visits while in Gozo 🇲🇹

Beautiful Balluta Bay and Carmelite Church ⛪️ right in the waters edge 🇲🇹

The Domus Romana located 📍 in Rabat, just outside the walled city of Mdina 🇲🇹.Check out our NEW blog ➡️ Link in bio 😁

This neat little close-up of a mirror frame was shot by Kevin Casha ( @kevincasha5158). Kevin says 'The intricate detail caught my eye. I feel that

One of Malta's 🇲🇹 most secluded beaches ⛱️ Can you guess where it is? 🤔

Our #BookOfTheMonth for April commemorates the 77th anniversary of the award of the George Cross to Malta. 'Malta Magnificent' was written by Major

Since it's #NationalPetDay we're sharing this photo of Olof Gollcher when he was a child posing for a photo with his pet dog! -Olof had numerous


This month to celebrate the first month of Spring our #ObjectOfTheMonth has a natural theme. We pulled out this reference book from Olof Gollcher's

Orientation walk with our Spanish school group who had an eventful cultural class trip with us. #nstsmalta

めちゃめちゃかわいいスリーマのカフェ☕️ このピスタチオクッキーとヘーゼルナッツラテ?が今まで味わったことないおいしさで感動やった🥺お店は小さいけど店員さんがめちゃ親切で雰囲気も最高でいってよかった❤︎

Each month Palazzo Falson exhibits a book from our library. April's #BookOfTheMonth commemorates the 77th anniversary of the award of the George Cross

Tal Fanal Apartments – Traditional rustic retreat set in the heart of a beautiful countryside.🌞🌞🌞🔗 #Gozo #Malta

breakfast 🥞🍫🍊

ジミンとジョングク、ジンくんとナムジュンがご飯食べてたところ🍽 テラスが寒くて中でたべた #malta


The Valletta skyline never seizes to amaze! 😍 🏙️..Check out our new blog ➡️ Link in bio

Even on a cloudy day ⛅ Fomm ir-Rih is as beautiful and peaceful as ever! 😌

The impressive Auberge de Castille built by the #knightsofstjohn in the 16th century. Situated in Valletta, Malta’s capital city, it is still one of

The #ObjectOfTheMonth has a Spring-theme for April, we'll be sharing all the nature related items from Olof Gollcher's collection. This watercolour is


Don't forget to wind your clocks 1 hour forward today! To celebrate day light savings today, we're sharing this Maltese wall clock. Commonly referred

Памятник рыбаку в Марсашлокке, дочка и сын встречают отца, который несёт две корзины, полные рыбы, рядом кошка, которая ждёт лакомство. Очень трогательно #марсашлокк #рыбацкаядеревня🐟 #мальта #vacantion #marsashlokk #malta #visitmalta #triptomalta #vsco #instamalta #instagram #followmeto #follow #likes #instatravel #instamarsaxlokk

Рыбацкая деревня Марсашлокк насчитывает 3


Здесь красивейшее море,солнце,чистый воздух,365

This week's #PhotoOfTheWeek was shot by Henry Aquilina. It represents the some of the artefacts on the landing. Henry was struck by, 'the family’s

Кафе Cordina 1837


To celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth we're sharing objects which have a womanly touch. This brooch actually belonged to Olof Gollcher's mother, Elisa

If you guessed Edward Lear (1812-1888) then you were absolutely spot on! Lear was a British artist, author and traveller who is perhaps better known

ジミンとナムジュンが花火見に走り出したときに🍺のんでたお店 #細かい #😂

Stop by the museum to have a look at our #MemoryOfTheMonth featuring Nella Gollcher. Here she is raking out the hen house at Villa Brunswick, another

Can you guess which British artist painted this Maltese landscape? 🖼 Leave your guesses in the comments, and stay tuned for answer later today

ホソクとジョングクがランチしたcafe CUBA 🍽

Start of the holidays... surf competition at the airport 😂👍Ran into my friends on the way to the airport. Turns out we're all leaving at a


Our #PhotoOfTheWeek was shot by Sita Azzopardi ( @sitaazz), who was struck by, 'the central courtyard of Palazzo Falzon, decorated with a fountain