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What?? We seemed to have started the dinner all over again when they put down this caviar dish?! I just loved the thought and creativity put into our

🔁 @octarinaninaBersihkan hati dengan tidak membenci, menyakiti atau melukai dengan pikiran, ucapan, maupun perbuatan.Jangan lupa bahagia.

A silhouette of Burj Khalifa against the light of the setting sun.

Have you ever been to Airplane beach (maho beach) in St. Marteen? It’s definitely an experience to watch the airplanes land over your head, and get

During our recent At Home in the World Retreat in Bali, Jen and I led a powerful breathwork journey inspired by the Inner Guidance process to

Extremely powerful and incredibly elegant 🛩✨.Make your flights more enjoyable 🌤 #FlyVida 🛩 info 📩... #vidajets

Sunset with a lot of wind. For this day (22-03-19) was forecast for Tsunami.Fortunatly it was false forecast,only heavy wind, nothing more

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. - Unfollow @deconekThe Mong people in the North West and Sapa (Lao Cai) hold Gau Tao

“Sky and clouds and trees and little figures relaxing in the perfect rural rhythm of their surroundings.” ~Arthur Smith~ #travel #traveling


Just me living my best life... content and in the sun ☀️

👈 Follow👄 To appreciate the beauty of a snow, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.📍Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada📸 Courtesy

Nothing feels as good as putting miles on my hiking boots, filling my lungs with fresh mountain air and spending it with quality company!

One day you will be staring at the blessing you used to always dream about 💕 @arusselb........... #travel  #travelgram  #instatravel 

No filter needed 🌅........ @arusselb #travel  #travelgram  #instatravel  #trip  #travelling #travelphotography  #travelingram  #vacation

You are tomorrow’s favorite thing to look for 🧡

I know I’ve already posted a video of the wing pinning ceremony, but I really like this one, so I’m posting it. 😂🛩 #2019 #graduation #wings

🇨🇱 #Valparaíso | Una mirada a Valpo desde el balcón de La Sebastiana, casa de Pablo Neruda, ubicada en el cerro Bellavista. Cada rincón de

Elyu vibes 🍒......... #travel  #travelgram  #instatravel  #trip  #travelling #travelphotography  #travelingram  #vacation #traveler 

You are your own soulmate 🧡

Last year was full of spontaneous moves, looking forward to keeping that same energy‼️Be sure to share must see destinations #europe #nyc

Heaven eleven 🍔

I stood silently for a while and breathed in peacefulness.

There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.