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🍃 There's Never a Forever Thing 🍃........................... Bom dia .....................................🎼 A - Ha - There's Never a

Castello dell’Innominato 🏰

Sunset walk 🌅

Who says India does not have natural beauty. It is just fenced off and you can not go there. And for good reason.

"Ma questo coso ha i pidocchi?"23/03/2019.Un neurone a testa.Amore smisurato.Felicità inquantificabile.


Sunday, funday!! Enjoy the spring season with a fun photoshoot for any occasion! Business, social Media, personal and much more!! 📷 *Model:

Chicago by night

I am always amazed by my phone camera, the best quote I have heard was from I think @chasejarvis “the best camera is the one you have with you”

Ôi.Đến nơi đợi vài phút vì quán chưa mở, vào quán ôi quá mát mẻ so với cái nóng SG bây giờ.Đến lúc gọi món, cả

Một tô ngập ngụa toàn là thịtThích mấy quán nào thịt heo xắt mỏng rồi trụng, hơn là luộc cả tảng cho chín r mới

Ẩn sâu trong con hẻm nhỏ, chính là bữa ăn sáng ngonP/s: ăn lúc còn 2 tô cuối, nên có thể ko ngăn nắp bằng ban đầu

Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. 🤙🏼💫

Forget yourself at📍Peace Laguna Resort & Spa, Krabi, Thailand 🇹🇭Relax into the natural flow. Surround yourself with the rhythm of stillness

Trưa trưa, nắng nắng 2 chị em đi ăn sương sương cho mátExploring local food is the other way to travel where you go. #hometown

Dwell in possibilities 🌴💫

We Miss you🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙 and take care and protect you🌲🌲🌲🌲. #jejakjhoeny👣 #etravel #writetotravel  #instatravelling

I'm sure you are the most powerful tree on this hill,even without the rain,without water but there are we who take care and protect you🌲🌲🌲