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Life is simple, do what's right the way you want at whatever time you select!! ..For a headstart, go out today and be the woman the world wants you

Gulon mein rang bhare baad-e-naubahaar chale..Chale bhi aao ke gulshan ka karobaar chale.....Let there be colors in the flowers,and the breeze

Never tell everybody your problems in life, some might care some will be glad!! There is no point sitting with those. Rather travel and forget

Sometimes in life I make it a point to pause for a moment.Look in my surroundingI introspect and reminisce...And then walk past,Thinking let

Beautiful sunset at Warrnambool, the deck goes along the calm inner sea. 夕暮れは何もかもをシルエットにしてしまう、いい時間

It is such an amazing feeling to pose as Shah Rukh Khan pose.. in the middle of nowhere!!.....Happy holidays!! ......What are your new

As twilight fell, the sky turned to a light, dusky purple littered with tiny silver stars. The wanderer whose eye was bright, hair was turned silvery

It has been long since I have posted my travel memoirs! Only reason I have been hunting tahrs and catching Sociable Lapwing, and the result was


"I never came to the edge and stood by the wind, I never sat by the bench under the sun with my fingers dipped in the woollen linen of the jacket. But

How often we reach the top of a mountain or even climb the pinnacle of our mind’s immediate desires? Not every day, not every time...However,

Step out of the shadows, into the light! Silence the voices that haunt inside.. be yourself and shine more than the sunshine

Once again I sat with my grandpa's journal, and this time the story was hilarious. His trip to Dalhousie was quite bound with work, but he tricked

I get this strange feeling when I’m about to leave a place like I will not only miss this serenity,this peacefulness,this abode of beauty

Some things we don't talk about, and just hold the smile. Because we are ashamed and proud of falling in love. .......🎵The Fray: Never say

The restlessness and the longing, like that of a whistle of a faraway train. ..I like their rhythm.I like the freedom. ..I like the dream of

The white landscape is quite appealing, attracting hundreds of similar minds to hike to their destination. While the secret of life lies at the end of

Wondered what makes travelling the favourite hobby? Is it the stay, food, company, adventure or the journey? It is so important to understand how

Imagine sitting on a chair, sipping hot espresso with a cigar stuck between fingers, the smoke blew higher and higher in the mountains and the weather


The love of having a hot plate of Maggi sitting at a frozen mountain top is incomparable and unbeatable with any other moment of pleasure...But if

Nothing is constant except this beauty.....The tint of sun, on the snowcapped gigantic mountains with a huddling sound of the steam. ...Nothing

The wind is alluring, sky is delicious, backpack is ready to go with a dash of excitement!! ..The winters are knocking at the gate. It is no better

Everytime I stand here, my mind starts to find a rhythm with the tunes of nature, a feeling so soothing, so relaxed, like a mind tranquilizer

When the light flickers and changes the path.. it means the fall is here. Embrace the cold so as to learn to light the wooden planks and enjoy the

Mountains exist so we could feel smaller in front of them..So we could realise how miniscule our life is in front of the eternity of these forever

Most people see an ampersand (&) to be just a symbol that stands for the word ‘and.’ I see a much deeper metaphor in the logogram &...Life is a

Adventure takes you to dig deeper into unknown. The only means of survival is to feed on fruits of inspiration. And sit through the words to draw the

Lush green charisma will soon turn into yellow autumny pre-fall Colorado!! The last time I checked there, it was all so beautiful!! ........


"Like go for a walk, say a little prayer...Take a deep breath of mountain air...Put on my glove and play some catch. ..It's time that I make

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia also known as Barcelona Cathedral, is the Gothic cathedral and seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona

The Eiffel Tower - truly an amazing masterpiece..It is the tallest structure in Paris..It is the most visited paid monument in the world..It

People have often asked me, "Why do you love the mountains so much?" ...The answer is simple--their beauty is beyond the words and the peace they

Someone who I loved asked me once what I was seeking from the relationship. ...I pondered deeply,and realised my soul belongs elsewhere,a place

A crisp turn from the long trail towards Bhagsu waterfall, it takes you to the 'no name cafe'! Situated among the yellowish wild bushes and silvery

The Majestic Victoria Memorial..The white marble beauty from the British...After Howrah Bridge it is the most significant monument of Kolkata

It only had to do with how it felt to be in the wild...With what it was like to walk for miles for no reason other than to witness the

Nested within the Aravali moubtain range, overlooking Lake Pichola The City Palace at Udaipur was built in an extravagant Rajasthani style...It was


It is not important to pick the most beautiful flower in the garden of eve.. It is critical to choose between the bottom of the climb and the

A crescent shaped natural freshwater body in the heart of most popular hill station of Kumaon district, Nainital called and I reported as duty calls

One of the most amazing places to have breakfast in Kathmandu..In one of the most underrated countries..They have awesome live counters and

All of the ecosystem settled in for a greater view. What if we replace individualism to togetherness, we can see far into the sky!....Travelling

Regrann from @manasmukul - There is tea tea tea... As far as you can see..The origins of tea dates back to ancient China..In every culture in

All of the ecosystem settled in for a greater view. What if we replace individualism to togetherness, we can see far into the sky!....Travelling